This blog was developed by the Wyvern ICT Learning Community in 2014. Learning Communities are teams of professional practice where staff:

  • Develop a culture of collaboration and collective responsibility for improving teacher practice to enhance learning outcomes for students.
  • Choose to engage in professional learning that increases commitment to the priorities of the College Strategic Plan.
  • Engage in an ongoing process of professional inquiry.
  • Collect and analyse evidence based research and information with a view to the future.
  • Work in a spirit of openness and critical reflection sharing ideas and experiences.
  • Encounter opportunities to learn new information in an environment that offers both trust and challenge.
  • Are provided with opportunities to learn, reflect, refine and re-apply their learnings.

The Wyvern ICT Learning Community decided to develop an online resource that targets some of these key objectives. The blog as a focus of theory and practice. The first two pages are about the research and policy behind ICT integration at Wyvern. The second two tabs include practical resources for integration of key apps and learning enhancement tools. Also available on this blog are some key resources such as app lists and iBooks written by students for the Australian Curriculum. This blog has been developed for the support and training of staff at Wyvern but also beyond Newington for the wider educational community.


Dark Wyvern Fade

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