At Wyvern we feel that integrating ICTs into all key learning areas is of critical importance to engage boys in learning and provide a motivation for writing. For Years 5 and 6 students we have longer term projects where students work on an individual blog and collaborative website. The boys use Blogger and Google Sites for these projects. This blog is an archive of blogs and websites created by Wyvern students who are now in high school. We want to preserve their work to inspire current students and to celebrate all they created whilst at Wyvern.

Blogging and website creation are  fantastic ways to provide meaning, quality and purpose to writing by connecting students with a global online audience. At Wyvern we want boys to consider how and why they are learning. Blogging can transform learning into a purposeful and reflective experience where students consider the value and intent of what they are doing. Website creation enhances the quality and depth of writing as students have a sense of purpose about their work.

All the Year 5 and 6 students have spent time considering what it means to have a positive and safe digital presence. The boys have read through a number of articles and reflected on videos which discuss the advantages and disadvantages of posting online. We have discussed with the boys how to thoughtfully craft their words to create a positive digital footprint through their blogs and websites.

School blogs and websites are a wonderful way to authentically teach and model safe digital citizenship as boys think about protecting their online identity. Some key guidelines that we follow at Wyvern are only using first names in titles and posts, never using identifying photos and being careful not to reveal private information.

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