Newington through to the Championship semifinals vs Rangitoto

A tough day at the office for the boys today has paid off.  The stress and energy levels have been high whilst the emotional roller coaster  has played out.

After the win against Kings Auckland this morning the boys took a solid and expected lead against Scots Blue, 6-2 at half time.  However in the second half we were completely shut out and barely got a shot away, let alone score one.  At the other end Scots managed an incredible comeback to be 6-6 with 12 seconds to go, forcing a penalty shoot out.

It was time for Newington to lift it to another level and the five boys that stepped up did us proud.  With our shots hitting the net and Scots’ going wide we closed it out 9-7.

It should never have come down to this but in the end it will make them stronger.  Rangitoto tonight at 6.30pm.

Scorecard against Scots Blue
Scorecard against Scots Blue

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