Game 2 versus Scots Gold 19-0

An easy win against Scot’s development squad.  Their 1st team was moved into Pool A (an easier pool) so their 2nd’s team is up against it now in Pool B.


IMG_1307The boys worked well and practiced more passing and set moves to go a little easier on Scots.  Perhaps the NC robes the boys organised and purchased for themselves are working as planned.  Thanks to Elliot for modelling his robe, it seems to be his go to wardrobe 24/7.

The score card for the game is below.  The boys now have a couple of hours break before a big matchup tonight at 6:30pm NZ time against Sacred Heart College, the winners from the last two consecutive Trans Tasman Cups.  Time to bring your game lads, not just your NC robes.

Game 2 scorecard
Game 2 scorecard


2 thoughts on “Game 2 versus Scots Gold 19-0”

  1. Good first two games with very convincing wins.
    Best of luck in your next couple of games especially tonight versus Sacred Heart. Fellas its good to see that the cohesion in the group is at its upmost level with byron as captain of the teams cohesion. Nice to see the shooters touch from Sam in the second game.

    Thanks for keeping us updated Big Man

    1. Jono, thanks for your comment. We miss you mate. Hope your doing well in Italy. The boys want you to send a photo of yourself 😉

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