Day 1 Diary

A 6:30am start was a little early after such a late night and we were in for a very busy day! We started with a practice march for our entry into assembly then we listened to the boys singing before their breakfast. Time then passed quickly as our events overlaped, we moved to the parade ground and formed up behind the band for our march into the incredible Tupou chapel for an inspiring assembly with singing, speeches and a short message.

After assembly we moved to a special welcoming ceremony that was superb. It was a real treat with singing, music and a band. The Newington boys even danced as part of the festivities. After the ceremony we had our breakfast that had somehow not fitted in with the timings!

Rugby was next on the agenda with a trip to the national stadium to see Tupou College 17As have a strong win. The First XV were next up but their opposition wisely stayed at home! This left us with the oportinity to run onto the national stadium, be presented with a Tongan Sipitau and then play a game of touch football with the First XV. (we didn’t take them up with their offer of a game of tackle!) We watched one more game of rugby before heading back to college to get some casual gear for a beach visit.

The beach was brilliant and we had a late lunch looking past the coconut trees and the beautiful reef watching a whale breach over and over. A game of touch and a swim really capped it off as the sun set magnificently.

We had a quiet trip home with some very tired boys. It was now dark and we dressed and move to have dinner (with a wait to adjust to Tonga time).

Dinner was a Tongan Feast and was amazing. It was accompanied with the mandatory speeches and finished quite late making for an easy transition to bed. we were all unable to believe how much we had been exposed to in the previous 24 hours.

Sunset  Touch Football inTonga
Sunset Touch Football inTonga by Declan Whyte
Sunset Tonga Style: Instagram shot by Mr Kolbe
Sunset Tonga Style: Instagram shot by Mr Kolbe




We arrived in Tonga at a little before midnight and our evening had only just started.
We went through VIP checkin before our first dose of amazing Tupou hospitality as we were met with signs, singing and beautiful necklaces made by the ladies.
We travelled to Tupou College where we were treated with a welcoming feed and speeches. It was a fantastic night with a late 2:30pm finish!






Parent Evening

The parent information evening to kick off the blog for the Tonga tour is well attended. The boys will take over the blog soon and upload content into the static pages and keep us up to date with the goings on of the tour! In the long term we will see the blog being the resource between the two schools as well as keeping us up to date.

Tour Staff
Some of the tour staff for the Tupou College tour
Getting ready for the Tongo Tour to Tupoa College
Getting ready for the Tonga Tour to Tupou College.