Tupou College Cyclone Relief Container Appeal

TC Gita

The clean-up continues following Cyclone Gita. As per usual, our Tongan community remains stoic but our support will be well received.

We are launching the Tupou College Cyclone Relief Container appeal. This initiative has been extremely successful in the past and we are now in the process of filling the 12th container since 2010. The appeal essentially consists of donations from the community, that are sent to Tupou College to help improve the lives of the students and community members.

Boys can drop off donations in the designated cupboard in Fletcher House Locker Room.  For more information or to arrange drop-off of larger donations directly to the container please email Cameron Quince at: cquince@newington.nsw.edu.au

Kind regards

Cameron Quince

Please note: we are now accepting financial donations to support this appeal, please click HERE and choose “Tupou College Cyclone Appeal” in the drop down options.
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Highest Priority: Cyclone Relief Resources


Tupou College’s staff houses and classrooms suffered wind and water damage during the cyclone. As a result they require:

First Aid Kits

Roofing  Thank you BLUESCOPE STEEL for providing this material!


Roofing screws



Silicone Sealant


Caulking Guns



Antibacterial/ Anti-mould gloss or semi gloss white paint

Insect Spray

Flooding has encouraged mosquitoes. Dengue is a potential ongoing issue in the future. Surface spray, personal spray and any other deterrents such as mosquito coils will be useful.

Lawn Mowers x 3



Line Trimmers



Electric and Petrol Chainsaws


Extension Ladders


Tupou College is self-sufficient in relation to supplying food for the 800+ students on a daily basis. Farm crops were decimated during the cyclone and even root crops have suffered. Many items will not now reach maturity. Food donations that will help the nutritional shortfalls include the following.

It would be most helpful if these are donated in cases/ boxes/ shrink-wrapped (eg. 12 cans) that can be easily stacked on pallets.

  • Canned fish (tuna, mackerel or similar)
  • Canned corn beef
  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned Baked beans/spaghetti
  • Dry Rice
  • Dry Flour
  • Sugar
  • Dry pasta

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

  • Large to very large (stove top) boilers for catering events

    Electrical Goods

Mains electricity was decimated by Cyclone Gita. Tupou College is currently relying on borrowed diesel & petrol generators to run to run water pumps and supply electricity for a few hours each night. Diesel is all imported in Tonga at a very high cost. The following resources would be most useful both short and long term:

Electrical Generator



AA & AAA Batteries – rechargable would be best (with a charger is even better!)

Solar Powered goods


https://www.jaycar.com.au/solar-recharge-led-light-kit/p/MB3699https://www.jaycar.com.au/sola https://www.kathmandu.com.au/goal-zero-guide-10-plus-kit.htmlr-recharge-led-light-kit-with-remote/p/MB3693

Solar chargers for Smart/ iPhones

Rechargeable Hand Torches



Teaching Resources

Tupou College is under-resourced in comparison to Newington College. Their “wish list” includeds:

  • USB’s for Tupou College Students
  • Calculators (solar powered is best)
  • Whiteboard markers in a range of colours
  • Coloured A4 photocopy paper
  • Year 5 Naplan (from any recent year) for Reading, Writing and Language Skills. Both Stimulus and Question books (23)-  hard copy booklets are also needed
  • Year 7 Maths text books- either Signpost 7 and 8 or Cambridge 7 and 8

Less Urgent but much needed resources:

IT Equipment.

To improve the IT facilities at Tupou College, we want to send functional:

  • Laptops less than 4 years old
  • VGA to HDMI adapters
  • HDMI cables
  • Digital Cameras
  • Desktop Computers less than 4 Years old
  • Data Projectors (with Bulbs!)
  • External Hard Drives & USB’s

“Women’s Group” Catering resources.

The Women’s Group at Tupou College caters for large functions (including for The Royal Family) & they need:

  • Serving Platters & Baking Trays
  • Utensils
  • Glasses (sets, not singular items. No wine glasses please)
  • Knives

Pre-school Resources

  • Children’s books
  • Playground equipment
  • Toys
  • Catering Gear

ESL Resources (English as a Second Language) Books, Video’s, Audio Tapes related to learning to speak and read English (no novels please – text books only!)

Agricultural Resources

The boys farm their own food in the Boarding House at Tupou College.

  • Hoes, Maddocks, Shovels, Rakes etc.
  • Garden hoses with fittings

Rugby Resources

  • Corner Posts
  • Witches Hats
  • Rugby Balls
  • Kicking Tees
  • Clean Rugby Boots

Science Equipment

Tupou College has very limited science equipment .

They need basically everything, including:

  • Microscopes & Glass Slides, Test tubes, Beakers, Bunsen Burners & Tripods & Gas rings, Scales, Thermometers etc. Clothes
  • White school shirts
  • Casual Clothes (babies, boys, girls, Men and Women’s)
  • Rugby Gear (socks, shorts, jerseys)

Music Resources

Instruments & parts (ie. Violin strings etc.)

Sheet Music

Container Unloading

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