2017 Container Appeal

Container Unloading

Newington College was first established in 1863 through the leadership of our first Headmaster the Rev. Dr James Egan Moulton, and in 1865 he departed Australia for Tonga, as a schoolmaster missionary where he was asked by King Tupou I to establish Tupou College as its founding Headmaster in 1866. We have enjoyed a long and close relationship with Tupou College, Tonga since our inception.

We are once again launching the Tupou College Container appeal. This initiative has been extremely successful in the past and we are now in the process of filling the 11th container since 2010. The appeal essentially consists of donations from the community, that are sent to Tupou College to help improve the lives of the students and community members.

We have partially filled the container with furniture and now need you to “bring in your small stuff” for Tupou College. It will need to fit inside the chairs that are stacked inside the tables in the container already. They don’t need any more fresh air in Tonga so we want to fill that space.

Boys can drop off donations in the designated cupboard in Fletcher House Locker Room.  For more information or to arrange drop-off of larger donations directly to the container please email Cameron Quince at: cquince@newington.nsw.edu.au

Kind regards

Cameron Quince

(Head of Fletcher House/ Tupou College Tour Co-ordinator)

We are currently sourcing:

IT Equipment.
To improve the IT facilities at Tupou College, we want to send functional:
• Laptops less than 4 years old
• Digital Cameras
• Desktop Computers less than 4 Years old
• Data Projectors (with Bulbs!)
• External Hard Drives
“Women’s Group” Catering resources.
The Women’s Group at Tupou College caters for large functions (including for The Royal Family) & they need:
• Sewing Machines
• Serving Platters & Baking Trays
• Utensils
• Plates/Glasses (sets, not singular items please)
• Knives
• Gas BBQ’s

Pre-school Resources

Children’s books

Playground equipment


Catering Gear

ESL Resources (English as a Second Language) Books, Video’s, Audio Tapes related to learning to speak and read English (no novels please – text books only!)

Agricultural Resources  -The boys farm their own food in the Boarding House at Tupou College.
• Hoes, Maddocks, Shovels, Rakes etc.

Rugby Resources
• Corner Posts
• Witches Hats
• Rugby Balls
• Kicking Tees
• Clean Rugby Boots

Science Equipment
Tupou College has very limited science equipment .
They need basically everything, including:
• Microscopes & Glass Slides, Test tubes, Beakers, Bunsen Burners & Tripods & Gas rings, Scales, Thermometers etc. Clothes
• White school shirts
• Casual Clothes (babies, boys, girls, Men and Women’s)
• Rugby Gear (socks, shorts, jerseys)

Music Resources

Instruments & parts (ie. Violin strings etc.)

Sheet Music

Teaching Resources 

Laminating sleeves: A4, A3, tissues, chalk, dusters, white board markers, sets of 30 X A4 lined exercise books, glue sticks, scissors, head phones, calculators, blu-tac, textas, cheap classroom clocks, A4 photo copy paper: white and colours (full reams) Macquarie school dictionaries

Rhett at Engadene Music

Thank you to Rhett Schlaphoff (Year 9 Fletcher House) for sourcing sheet music this week from the wonderful staff at Engadine Music for the benefit of the boys involved in Tupou College’s Music program. Scroll down for a sample of their musical talent!

Engadene Music Ad jpeg


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