Day 3….. by the boys.

Our second day in Tonga was very eventful. After breakfast, the music boys went off to practise with Ms Grubb, while the rugby and service boys expressed their altruistic values by preparing the staff housing for painting. Later on, everyone got on the bus to go into town and watch the rugby at Tonga College. We watched the Year 7 1st Grade, Tupou College vs Tonga College boys play. After the game, we all headed off to the markets, where people bought totems and various kinds of necklaces. We then got back on the bus and travelled to the other side of the island to see the blowholes “Mapu A Vaea”, which translates to “the whistle of Vaea”. This name was given to it by the local inhabitants near the blow hole, because of the whistling sound made by the water emerging from the coastline which can go up to 18m into the air. After a quick rest back at the college, we were driven to the Vakaloa resort to have dinner, and for the musicians to perform some of their music. Unfortunately the music boys were unable to perform in the end because of instrument difficulties. However it was still a great night with all of the boys enjoying themselves. The food was great and the dancing was very entertaining. The dancing consisted of traditional Tongan dances, using sticks, fire and hand actions. For the last performance, all the Newington and Tupou boys were given the opportunity to join the Tongan dancers on stage, ending the night on a great note. The ride back to the College was a great experience as we were able to interact with all the Tupou boys. Everyone was able to have some good chats with them, as many of the boys found that they had a lot in common with them in a number of topics. 

by Charlie Timpson, Josh Ku and Christian McLoughlin

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