Heilala Festival performance!



Dear all,

Have a look at this little gem!

It was performed in front of  The Queen of Tonga + 5000 others + telecast live.
Tupou College’s Select Choir was accompanied by Newington College staff and boys:
Mrs Rebecca Grubb
Joshua Ku
Christian McLoughlin
Geordie McLean
Nico McLean (solo piece on clarinet written by Tupou College’s Head of Music, Eloni).

Scroll to 2:35:30 for Tupou College’s performance.


Well done to all involved! Our touring party were very lucky to witness this performance live.

Kind regards

Mr Quince

Photos of Tupou College Tour 2017



Dear all,

Please click here (via a Newington students login) for access to the photos and videos of the 2017 Tonga Tour:


If any boys that toured have photos that they feel are worthy of sharing with everyone can you please send them to me via a google drive folder, drop off a USB or email them to me?

Kind regards

Cameron Quince



Day 3 Report

Day 3 began slowly as we awoke to rainfall, with a nine o’clock breakfast, following a comparatively quiet and restful night, with the Head Prefect, Olu, making sure everyone got some sleep. Some boys clearly could not get enough of the culture, and so, before breakfast, managed to get a couple of borderline-uniform-infringement-fading haircuts – but all in a good fraternal spirit. The breakfast was just another feast, with plenty of pancakes and porridge, toast, eggs, sausages, and cereal. Once again our hosts’ affinity for affording us privileges such as this, at their own expense, was very apparent. After breakfast, there was plenty of time to relax, and, even with the rugby boys at a training lecture, the rest managed a game of touch.

We then ate a quick lunch in the form of pizza that was delivered from a nearby shop, before getting ready to head to a rugby match between Tonga and Fiji. It was a game of high stakes as the winning team got a short cut straight into the World Cup, meaning they would skip the long and difficult qualifying stage. We headed off on the (really quite long) bus trip, most of us either sitting with Tupou boys or standing by them. Once at the game we were shepherded into the stadium towards a little grass patch where we were going to watch the game. It turned out to be a very good spot as lots of the action came our way. Many peanuts were eaten and stories exchanged. We were down 10 – 14 as the final minutes of the game were coming to an end and then suddenly in front of our eyes a try was scored by Tonga!!! It was later disallowed but still a good game. We began on the long trip back to the school where we would spend the rest of the afternoon.

On the way back we alternated between Newington and Tupou boys, so everyone sat with someone from a different school. Although much of the bus was tired and spent the trip snoozing, the majority of the bus spent the trip exchange stories and asking questions about each others’ cultures. On the way back we stopped at a grocery store and teacher’s bought bread and drinks for “everybody”. There were drinks for everybody but it turned out the bread was the Tongan boys’ dinner. The way they offered the bread to us was so kind and sincere we didn’t even realise it was only for them, but we ended up leaving the bus feeling guilty and misinformed.
We had some time before dinner, which was spent either bonding with the Tongans or taking well needed rest. There was a friendly touch football match with some of the senior Tongans, as well as a handball game with some of the younger kids. Afterwards everyone showered and went to dinner, which was sausages and wings. We then went to the dining hall where they were projecting the New Zealand vs England Irish Lions game live. It was a tight and exciting game, but it ended with a 15-15 draw.

By Geordie MaClean

Day 3….. by the boys.

Our second day in Tonga was very eventful. After breakfast, the music boys went off to practise with Ms Grubb, while the rugby and service boys expressed their altruistic values by preparing the staff housing for painting. Later on, everyone got on the bus to go into town and watch the rugby at Tonga College. We watched the Year 7 1st Grade, Tupou College vs Tonga College boys play. After the game, we all headed off to the markets, where people bought totems and various kinds of necklaces. We then got back on the bus and travelled to the other side of the island to see the blowholes “Mapu A Vaea”, which translates to “the whistle of Vaea”. This name was given to it by the local inhabitants near the blow hole, because of the whistling sound made by the water emerging from the coastline which can go up to 18m into the air. After a quick rest back at the college, we were driven to the Vakaloa resort to have dinner, and for the musicians to perform some of their music. Unfortunately the music boys were unable to perform in the end because of instrument difficulties. However it was still a great night with all of the boys enjoying themselves. The food was great and the dancing was very entertaining. The dancing consisted of traditional Tongan dances, using sticks, fire and hand actions. For the last performance, all the Newington and Tupou boys were given the opportunity to join the Tongan dancers on stage, ending the night on a great note. The ride back to the College was a great experience as we were able to interact with all the Tupou boys. Everyone was able to have some good chats with them, as many of the boys found that they had a lot in common with them in a number of topics. 

by Charlie Timpson, Josh Ku and Christian McLoughlin

Day 2 2017

Hi All,

This morning our boys and staff spent time rehearsing,  preparing to paint a house for a new teacher, watching the Form 1 (Year 7) and Form 4 boys playing Rugby against (arch nemisis!) Tonga College, shopping at the local markets, visiting the blowholes and we are now about to depart for our reunion dinner at Vakaloa Resort with the families of the Tongan Bursary recipients and Tongan Newington Old Boys, including the great Steve Finau.

More to come when the boys have a little more time!

Kind regards

Cameron Quince


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Touchdown in Tonga!

Dear All,

Just a quick note to let you know that we have arrived safe and well at Tupou College and had a productive and enjoyable day.

We were greeted in the early hours by Principal Rev. Atiola, Deputy Principal Rev. Fonua and Rev. Paongo and numerous other staff and boys.

After a well needed sleep we awoke to a beautiful day spent unloading the container, running and participating in Music  Workshops and Rugby Training.

More to come via a post written by the boys in their own words soon….. I just thought you would like to know that we are all happy, safe and well!

kind regards

Cameron Quince


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