Please help! Container Appeal 2017


Dear Newington Community,

Please refer to the list below to check that we will accept your donations.

We are now collecting resources for the container that will be sent to Tupou College, Tonga.

This will be the 10th container that will be sent since 2010! A great effort by our community.

Boys can drop off donations in the designated cupboard in Fletcher House Locker Room.

For more information or to arrange drop-off of larger donations directly to the container please email Cameron Quince on

Kind regards

Cameron Quince

(Head of Fletcher House/ Tupou College Tour Co-ordinator)


Please note:  please do not drop off large pieces of furniture without having emailed a photo to: and receiving email confirmation that we will send the donation first, otherwise we may have to pay for disposal of these resources at a cost to our fundraising efforts.


School Furniture

This is the most needed resource! Tupou College is in desperate need of School Furniture – chairs and desks for Kindergaten to Year 12 boys. If you have a large amount of furniture please contact me directly to have it placed into the container directly.

IT Equipment.
To improve the IT facilities at Tupou College, we want to send functional:
• Laptops (battery power kicks in to save mother boards)
• Digital Cameras
• Desktop Computers (no more than 3 Years old)
• Data Projectors (with Bulbs!)
• External Hard Drives
Women’s Group Catering resources.
The Women’s Group at Tupou College caters for large functions (including for The Royal Family) & they need:
• Sewing Machines
• Serving Platters & Baking Trays
• Utensils
• Plates/Glasses (sets, not singular items please)
• Knives
• Gas BBQ’s

Pre-school Resources

Durable school furniture

Children’s books

Playground equipment


Catering Gear

ESL Resources (English as a Second Language) Books, Video’s, Audio Tapes related to learning to speak and read English (no novels please – text books only!)

Agricultural Resources  -The boys farm their own food in the Boarding House at Tupou College.
• Wheel Barrows
• Hoes, Maddocks, Shovels, Rakes etc.

Rugby Resources
• Corner Posts
• Witches Hats
• Rugby Balls
• Kicking Tees
• Clean Rugby Boots

Science Equipment
Tupou College has very limited science equipment .
They need basically everything, including:
• Microscopes & Glass Slides, Test tubes, Beakers, Bunsen Burners & Tripods & Gas rings, Scales, Thermometers etc. Clothes
• White school shirts
• Casual Clothes (babies, boys, girls, Men and Women’s)
• Rugby Gear (socks, shorts, jerseys)

Music Resources

Instruments & parts (ie. Violin strings etc.)

Sheet Music