Sustainability Blog 2015

As a new school year comes around, that means a new cohort of administrators and writers for the Sustainability Blog, and a new group of leaders for the Committee. 2014 was a good year for the Sustainability Committee as a whole, as well as for the blog. My name is Daniel Evans and I will be running the blog in 2015. I would like to thanks Mrs. Randell (now succeeded by Mr. Parkin) for her instrumental role in the conception of this blog, and especially last year’s co-administrators of this space; Jayce Carrano and Seb Rees. I would also like to thank all those who wrote articles for the blog throughout 2014, including Jayce and (particularly) Seb. In 2015, we aim to expand the scope of the blog, while not losing any of its quality. While we are indebted to the work of the 2015 cohort, the committee leadership wants to make regular posts as well as notifications about the actions, initiatives, and advances of the Committee between meetings a feature of the blog. We also aim to expand the group of writers involved in the blog, and diversify its content, encompassing political analysis, school-based issues/ initiatives surrounding sustainability, investigative pieces, and general miscellany. Essentially, we want the blog to act as a hub for the Committee when physical co-ordination is made difficult. Articles and posts will be put up regularly, so that people can engage with the Committee outside of meetings. Similarly, we will also be having a regular feature in the Black & White throughout 2015, which is part of a larger plan to promote and popularise the blog among the wider student base. An article will be up shortly, and all posts will be under my name (the writers will be acknowledged in the title). See either myself (email: or Mr. Parkin ( for more detail on how to get involved in the blog, or in the Committee more widely.

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