Our Changing Environment and its Disastrous Costs- Sebastian Gray



This article displays some quite extraordinary data of the rapid increase in disasters since 1970s and their devastating toll upon populations and the economy.


The statistics show a dramatic increase over the last 10 years in the number of disasters that have hardly been prominent before, such as extreme temperatures. As the article argues, the frequency of these natural disasters has been mainly a result of the effects of climate change.


It is quite amazing to see the multitude of natural phenomena that global warming is causing already, and it is unusual that these effects are not brought to our attention often. Although due to the lack of information provided in the article it ignores any other possible factors that could have impacted these rises.


I believe factors such as the earth’s growing population, which has almost doubled since 1970, could perhaps be largely responsible for the large amounts of economic loss from disasters that logically would be much higher during the last 10 years than during the 1970s. Due to growing populations it also makes sense to deduce that the total amount disasters would naturally be higher now. However it is hard to know the exact weightings of each factor.

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