A Brief History of Caring

I remember sitting in Ms Springer’s year 7 science class and hearing about climate change. I remember being paralysed with fear; non-renewable resources pollute and are finite, CFC’s were eating the ozone layer, our laundry detergents poisoned the water system.. what?!? Who allowed -that- to happen?

I remember talking to other teachers and hearing them dismiss it. I remember telling my own mother and some of her friends and hearing what I hear over and over yet today:

1.) my contribution is small; what I do doesn’t matter and

2.) if it were such a big problem, people would have fixed it already.

I remember being disheartened. I remember feeling powerless, thinking there wasn’t anything meaningful that students can do.

I was wrong.

There is so much to do. So much for all of us to do.

So we started a blog.

This is the place we come to as a community to care. To talk, to debate, to exchange ideas, to participate.

Because we can. Because we should.

So, good people of Newington, of Stanmore, of Sydney, of Australia, of the world, I lay down the challenge here:

What will you do today to improve our environment?

Start a debate, think, read …most importantly be a part of our world.

We offer a space.. do it here.. we want to hear from you and write the next chapter in the history of caring.