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Absorbing the heritage of Nuremberg

It was an early wake up this morning after our first night in Velburg, Germany. The boys got stuck into the splendid buffet and were on the bus by 8. Majority of the boys caught up on lost sleep whilst Hans Pieter drove us to Nuremberg.

Here, we were greeted by our tour guide for the day, Anya. Anya explained the significance of this at least 1050 year old, sandstone landmark. She also told us some of her funny childhood experiences of the castle which were at the expense of tourist like us. It was very interesting to explore the castle. We had tours of the watchtower, the well and the chapel.

After about 2 hours in the castle, Anya took the group down into the streets of Nuremberg. This city was one of the most severely damaged cities in Germany during WW2. Personally, I found it amazing how the locals were able to preserve their artistic culture throughout several allied attacks. Rebuilt buildings were erected in the same Sandstone colour that the town has been forever.

We continued to walk down the backstreets of a well-cultured Nuremberg until we reached the town square, where we would eat lunch.
The teachers gave the boys just over an hour to explore the square and find food. I went with a small group to try the traditional Nuremberg sausages, that Anya had raved about – which were fantastic. Most other people browsed the markets, which resulted in many presents bought for the mothers.

We travelled a few centuries forward in time, and began a bus sightseeing tour with Anya after lunch. We drove around Nuremberg with endless insight into the cities history from our guide. The two most important places we visited were the Nuremberg courthouse and Hitler’s rally grounds. We were confronted once again by the atrocities committed by the Nazi party. We finished our day at Nuremberg with a visit to the ‘Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds’. Here we learnt about the rise of the Nazi party, propaganda and particularly the herd mentality that Hitler created. This was exemplified in the replica coliseum that he began to construct for German rallies.

We returned via Bus to the beautiful, small town of Velburg. Several boys walked 2 minutes down the road to the local football fields, where we divided into a football game and an NFL game. This was much needed exercise after some humungous Eastern European meals. We returned to our rooms of 2 for showers and to get ready for dinner.

Dinner was just as we expected. Big. In fact, for the main each boy was served an entire cooked chicken! After dessert and some history presentations, the year 9’s played some UNO, the year 10’s played poker, and the year 11’s played a mandatory game of Mafia, where several more relationships were damaged. I think it can be confirmed that we are addicted to Mafia. We ally then returned to our rooms, some did some washing, but most didn’t, and went to sleep.

29th of September Velburg/Nuremberg

By Connor Eldridge & Bailey Thompson