A Ghost and Two Museums


We woke up to a beautiful, sunny day in Florence after the rain from the day before. We had our breakfast at the hotel then met outside for are trip to two museums: the Uffizi gallery (first) and the Accademia gallery (second). And after dinner we would have a special ‘horror’ tour of Florence. The walk to the Uffizi wasn’t long but the wait for the line was quite long and overall it took us just over an hour to get inside. Inside the museum were a range of beautiful paintings, sculptures and sketches from the Renaissance period (14th century to 17th century). We saw famous paintings such as the birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli.
We spent about an hour and a half in the Uffizi Museum before we had just over an hour of free time for lunch.

Afterwards we met up again to head to head to the Accademia museum. This is quite a famous museum, with its display of one piece of art. This is Micheglao’s David. This famous statue of the biblical figure, was made in 1504 and has made quite a name for itself. This artwork strays significantly from the portrayal of David’s physique in the bible. Rather than a relatively small boy, he is shown as a giant with the statue being four meters tall. And rather then a scrawny boy, he is portrayed as a man with the body of a of a well toned athlete. One other difference is his hair. As our tour guide from the day before mentioned, his hair was that of a typical florentine rather than a future biblical king. However despite the faults mentioned by critics, it still is an amazing piece of art. This wasn’t the only highlight thought, with many different prices often with large back stories.

After an early dinner that night we went to Ma’am’s Ghost Tour. This had many students sceptical but is was a very well rounded tour, covering the darker side of Florence’s history. Going for two hours and touching on many subjects from the Medici rise to power, family rivalries and violence and many other things. And as highlight for some people, especially those short on money, free gelato from including the flavour of the first gelato’s made in the world.

Overall it was a great day with lots to do and I was happy to be a part of it

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