Venice was veryy nicccceeee…..

Venice was very nice.

*APPLE SONG PLAYS* and with a practiced and efficient action it’s off. I thump my head back onto my pillow where my face is greeted by a hard and lumpy surface. To my right MATT BRITT lies in the same dozy state, just with a better pillow. Surprisingly it’s raining in Venice

All of us have breakfast at a small yet cozy room. Our hopes high, expecting a big buffet and coffee machines. Instead we are all culture shocked as we are given a more traditional Italian breakfast, very small.

Despite this slow and somewhat depressing start our moods soon change. Our group started the venetian waking tour. Our guide Fiona was one of the best guides so far. She spoke in an informative and engaging manor. Using architecture, art and history she explained the city of Venice. We learnt about:
The once powerful venetian trade guilds
A timeline of Venetian power and influence
How Venice functions nowadays with emergency services using the canals but most transport is done by street.
How Venice is dealing with their city and it’s efforts in stopping the city from sinking.

After the tour the group was given a large amount of free time. During this time many people went to different museums and historical sites. Sharif, Lucas and myself first went to find a canal tour but we failed. We then went to the oldest coffee shop In Venice. Then we went up the tallest building in Venice, the Procuratoria.


Lucas, Sharif and I all got great photos of the city from this high spot. After this each of us had whole pizza for lunch. With 1 hour and a half left I meet up with the guys from this morning where we explored the Venetian streets.

At 3:00 pm some of us stayed behind to visit the Saint Marc’s Chapel. But others where too tired and decided to go back to the hotel.

Dinner was good. We had pasta as entree with Turkey, salad and tiramisu to follow.

After dinner a legendary round of busking took place. On the river all the group joined in choir, singing “amazing grace” , “stand by me”, “uptownfunk” and any other song that the audience suggested and half the group knew the lyrics to. All in all our performance was mighty and loud, with the help of Jack Jacobs we where somewhat in tune . The few euros made from our effort where donated by the teachers, Rhys Hatten and some crazy Venetian.

Tired, we walked back to the hotel and went to bed.

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