“A Salzburgian Banana”

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To start the day we had breakfast at the hotel and then met our tour guide at 9am, his name was Horsht. He was quite an odd looking fella, a highlighted quote describing Horsht was “he looks like he is a walking puppet”, all credit goes to Max McKay.

We strolled around the ‘old town’ of Salzburg for 20 minutes or so, seeing various sites and being given extensive information on each place. A highlight from this section of the tour was entering the church where Mozart played his final piece before dying.

After touring the first side of the ‘old town’ we crossed the salt river which separates the two parts of the old town. The bridge we crossed was well known for having locks attached to the fencing. The reason for these locks was either a promise between couples or a promise between two people. After they would make this promise they throw the key for the lock into the salt river.

After crossing to the other side we walked more, learning more about the ‘old town’ of Salzburg.
On this side of town we definitely saw the highlight of the Salzburg tour, which was the birth place and house of Mozart. The house in which he was born had been turned into a museum which displayed various things like Mozart’s first Violin, family items of the Mozart’s, score sheets (music notation sheets) and some of his famous piano’s. The majority of boys seemed to be interested in this museum and sadly this was where we also ended our tour and departed from out rather queer guide, Horsht. During lunch Christian Maini bought some high quality Salzburgian bananas and is looking to sell them later on the tour, goodluck Maniac.

As hard is it was to depart from this intriguing guide, we gradually made our way back to our hotel for an extremely short stop as we would be traveling to the Ice Caves at 12:30pm.
We were then confronted by a rather hard pill to swallow, we would not have our noble bus driver Hans Peter to take us to the Ice Caves. Instead, Hans Peters boss, who also said his name was Hans Peter, though we later discovered his name was Norbert (understandable why he lied about his name).
The bus trip was a quiet one, boys quietly chatted with each other or listened to music whilst soaking up the mesmerising views of Salzburg’s mountains.

Once we arrived at the Ice Caves we hopped off the bus and embarked on our journey to the top of the mountains. It was about a 15 minute walk to the cable cart that took us to the top of the mountains. The weather was warn but beautiful, it made the beautiful river between the mountains glisten, it really was crystal clear. Though some boys were worried about the cable cart we all made it to the top without a scratch. At the top we could see so far that alps were visible, it was purely beautiful.
We still had another 15 minute walk until we reached the entrance to the Ice Caves.
The teachers were extremely keen to reach the top as they took off to the top, a lot of boys didn’t realise this and then were late to reach the entrance and we missed out original tour. Luckily we only had to wait 5 minutes or so until we could get another one.

We then met our young energetic German tour guide Bronie. He told us some of things we needed to know before entering the cave, he also told us it was a freezing -12 degrees inside the cave. A few boys were given lanterns as it was pitch black inside the cave. Just before entry into the cave Nick Jackson challenged Max McKay to a game of odds (the odds were 1 in 50). The challenge was for Max to wear nothing but a T-Shirt inside the cave for 15 minutes, the odds of this were 1 in 50, Max and Nick both said 2, so Max lost and had to wear a T-Shirt for 15 minutes inside the cave which was sadly funny.

Our experience in the Ice Caves has been of the highlights of the trip. The ice stalagmites and stalactites (icicles) formed amazing shapes that could be made out as things such as; sharks, women, polar bears and elephants.
Learning about how the Ice Caves were discovered and turned into a tourist attraction was interesting and intrigued a lot of boys. The Ice Caves are 42km long, which is the length of a marathon, luckily we only covered the most beautiful part of the cave which was approximately 1km in length. Bronie was a great tour guide and seemed to really enjoy his part times job whilst studying at university. Bronie also gave the boys a chance to sing some the acapella songs in the cave that they had been practicing, this was an awesome experience and a great memory of the tour.

After the tour was over we walked back down the the mountain taking some breath taking photos of the incredible natural landscape of Salzburg.

Once reaching the bus we travelled back to the hotel, once again a silent bus ride as most boys were exhausted and slept.
Once back at the hotel, we were given the option of free time of quietly resting in the hotel. In this free time boys wandered the ‘old town’ and relaxed.

At 7:30pm we headed for dinner in the same restaurant as the night before. We once again had soup as an entrée, then for out main we had macaroni and cheese, which was rather bland but some boys enjoyed it, for desert we had chocolate cake with cream.

From 8:30pm until 9:30pm we had free time which was rather boring as the town was extremely quiet and didn’t have much nightlife. At 9:30pm boys lethargically staggered back to the hotel and crashed out for the night.
Though their was rumours of a notorious poker game that went down to the wire between Nick Jackson and Will Tsioulos.

Overall, a great day but extremely tiring, tomorrow we will be heading to Venice by bus and vaporetto which is exciting.

Thanks for reading,
Jacob Turl, Harry Angelos.

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