Czeching Out

Lucas Greenslade and Rhys Hatten

– – – – – Lucas is having a bit of trouble with his account, so I’ve posted this with mine. He wrote it a few days ago. Sorry again for the lack of photos. The internet’s been pretty sketchy for most of this week.

Today the largest event was the bus ride from Prague to Velburg. Before checking out and leaving our hotels this morning at 11, we had some free time which most people used for shopping. We then got on the bus and began our journey to Velburg, playing games such as Mafia or Uno to pass the time.

After about 2 hours we arrived at Pilsen, a small, almost empty town still in the Czech Republic. There we had an hour long lunch break, with everyone excepet a small group of people getting back on time. As a result of this group, most people had to wait an extra 20 minutes before they got on the bus.

Nonetheless we got back on the bus after a long lunch break and eventually arrived around 5. Because we had so much time before dinner we all played soccer at a nearby park until it started to get dark, after which we had dinner. After dinner we had a surprise quiz on all of the most significant events and moments of the tour, with an extra bonus round on the best “tour guide joke” to decide the winner. ‘Hatton’s Heroes’ took out the night.

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