Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Soviet Union


Despite past controversial wake up times set by the teachers, surprisingly enough we were able to wake up at a “leisurely” 8:05 am for an 8:15 breakfast. After a bit of banter and a few rushed showers from the lads, our group was able to head off with our Czech tour guide and driver Hans Pieter, on a tour of the beautiful Czech Republic. We began with a scenic route of Prague, which was made somewhat enjoyable by our comedic and enthusiastic tour guide. However, on reflection it appeared as myself (Nick) and Mr Fisher discussed, that the tour guide was running off a known script rather than relating to us as students. Overall though, we were able to take some amazing photos, have some good banter and view an amazing city from incredible vantage points (including Wenceslas square and Prague castle).

After our 3-hour tour, we were provided free time at Wenceslas Square(we think that’s what it’s called) where Ewan and a number of students are chips, potatoes, sausages and babufka(a traditional Czech meal). As well as having a scrumptious lunch, a few of us visited a Czech sex museum, which was quite intriguing.

Later in the day at round 2:00pm, our group visited the ‘Communist Museum’ near Wenceslas Square which was one of the most interesting exhibitions thus far. We learnt about the foundations and ideologies of communism within the communist state of Czechoslovakia and also about the Velvet Revolution, which divorced the Soviet Union (and communism) from Czechoslovakia. A number of the boys bought souvenirs, especially communist books which would aid them in their schooling endeavours.
At 5:30 we had dinner at an original Czech restaurant where we enjoyed a scrumptious three course meal including: Tuna salad, Chicken skewers with potatoes and peas, and lastly cinnamon pancakes (quote from Ms Christian “they were amazing”).

A number of us, including Christian and I, had to rush off to meet the 7pm deadline for the Opera in Prague. The theatre was breathtaking, as many of us had never witnessed such an incredible Opera theatre, as well as the class that embodied the theatre. In our opinion, the opera titled “Carmen”, was exquisite and quite enjoyable, and it was a special experience for the birthday boy, Alex Goth, who suggested in seeing it and enjoyed it immensely.

Lastly, a number of the year 11 boys stayed up in room 412 for some intense ‘Mafia’ play. To say the least, friendships were broken as two members of the group (one in a powerful leadership position and the other who doesn’t deserve recognition) cheated and the broke the moral code of Mafia. This ended with Max McKay sitting by himself at breakfast the next morning feeling guilty and upset with his actions the night before.

By Nick Jackson and Christian Maini

3 thoughts on “Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Soviet Union”

  1. This one made me laugh, you’ve got a knack for writing so keep it up! I apologise for my brother cheating, it stems from many years of ‘kids against parents’ board and card games where we’d do anything to win! 🙂

  2. Communism, sex,opera, mafia: this blockbuster has it all: politics, passion, crime, betrayal! Can’t wait to hear the details when you get home!

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