From Kraków To Prague

A wake up this morning saw us ready for a long day of movement. The bus trip to Prague was around 8 hours, and many of us were excited to see the countryside but were apprehensive about the length of the trip. It is a shame to see Kraków go, but it will be interesting when we arrive in Prague , to see the difference in culture that a few kilometres can create.

Along the way, about 6 hours in, we stopped at a small Czech village. The village seemed like Australia to some, and many of the boys were excited at the cheap prices at the supermarket. The town was home to a cult-like ossuary, that Mr Fisher had visited in the past. It was extremely interesting to see thousands of bones from the past, mainly those of Black Plague victims. Presented in this light, it is interesting to note that whilst this place sounds macabre, it was in fact quite a holy and beautiful place, highlighting the inevitable cycle of human life. This comes from the fact that the bones are themselves presented pleasantly – in huge mounds, as chandeliers, and as a coat of arms.

Later we saw a cathedral, and Jack jacobs fell in love upon first sight with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.


Max McKay, Jacob Turl.

5 thoughts on “From Kraków To Prague”

  1. An ossuary! How interesting. …maybe that’s what Sia means when she sings “I want to swing from the chandeliers”. Sorry, couldn’t help it.

    And Jack: hope you got her name and number? 🙂

  2. Hi Parents,
    Thanks for reading and all your comments.The image uploader on here is a bit slow and buggy – but I’ll keep encouraging the boys to use it. I can assure you lots of photos are being taken; there’ll certainly be plenty for slide nights when the boys get home.
    Next stop is Hotel Zur Post in Verburg, and we don’t even know if they’ll have the internet.
    …nearly half way!

  3. I haven’t commented yet but I’m certainly reading all the blog posts with interest. I think they’re really informative and well written, keep them coming!

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