A Krak-ing (sic) Day, no?

The day was wet and cold, mirroring the feelings of the Polish people during the 125 years they weren’t on the map of Europe. However, once we entered the cathedrals of Poland, such as the Gothic Holy Cross Chapel, the atmosphere became warm and cozy symbolizing the stubborn Polish spirit that cannot be crushed, no? Someone pointed out that the visitors to the cathedrals had a very wide age gap, however it was only from both the age extremes that visitors came. Primary school children and pensioners, no?

We once again enjoyed Lunch in the square filled with pretzel stands, dodgy kebab stores, breakdancing pensioners and moving statues. We then caught a bus to the Jewish quarter called Kazimierz and explored the intelligence behind Jewish architecture and some scenes from Schindler’s List. Carrying on with the theme of Schindler’s List we visited a museum that used to be Schindler’s Factory. Where we were once again in the warmth however this time surrounded by a much wider variety of ages, no? After an inspirational speech from the guide about humanity in humane times we were given some tips about experiencing certain parts of Polish culture.

Today served the purpose of enlightening us, teaching us about the suffering and history of the Polish people, the suffering and history of the Jewish people and how that suffering and history became one.

Ashutosh Bidkar and Rhys Watkins

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