From the East to the West

After havieingang_h2_1ng breakfast at the H2 hotel in Berlin we set out on foot to go and visit two significant museums, the Pergamon Museum and the Jewish Museum. The first of our stops was the Pergamon Museum which covered a background of ancient hellenistic and architectural artworks and sculptures. It houses many
ancient pieces of middle eastern artefacts that have been unearthed in modern times.

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Once we had concluded our visit to the Pergamon Museum we stopped off at Holocaust Memorial, Hitlers death location and a shopping centre. The Holocaust Memorial made up of 2,711 concrete pillars with an anti graffiti coating symbolises the distraught history of the Jews. Hitlers death point had no major significance to it as now it is only a car park this was because they didn’t want Hitler to be praised in any sort of way . Our final stop before the next museum was the Mall of Berlin in which we were allocated 2 hours of free time.

Our final stop was at the Jewish Museum. The museum was made up of two main centres, one of a modern facade and the other of an older style facade. The newer style building was designed to symbolise the positive and negative encounters that the Jewish people went through. We covered the museum through a guided tour which explain how the jewish people were not considered German citizens and were seen as inferior to the Germans.

After we had finished our tour at the Jewish museum we divided ourselves into two groups. One of which would visit the longest remain part of the Berlin wall which is now a graffiti art gallery and the other would visit a football game between Bertha and Köln.


By Edward M and Jack R.


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