Blogging to Berlin (19/9/15-20/9/15)

imageWe’re all currently checked in safe and sound (and tired) at H2 Hotel here in Berlin. After saying our goodbyes, we flew on the 14 hour Etihad flight 455 to Abu Dhabi- luckily a brand new A380! However, halfway through the flight we were diverted to Kuala Lumpur on account of a lady falling ill (or as some boys suggested, getting caught with a dog on board).

After finally arriving in the German capital – having been in transit for about 30 hours – we met up with our guide for the next 3 days, Michael. With him we worked our way through several Third Reich related sites, cumulating in visiting the Topography of Terror Museum.

One thought on “Blogging to Berlin (19/9/15-20/9/15)”

  1. Good to hear all’s well and you’re all on your way. Well done on stringing together a sensible post after 30 hours in transit, a diversion to KL, the mystery of the stowaway dog (!) and a full afternoon of sightseeing on day one. Sounds gruelling! Look forward to reading more about your explorations.

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