This area is pulling together some concepts from the ICT blog and the Mathematics blog for Staff PD workshops:

The workshop is very “organic” and will be run from posts and pages on the blog and elsewhere.  The idea is that it is pitched at  a base level with links to more in-depth content for those that have already been there!

Probable Running Sheet:

Intro and context:
– The Newington Journey
– Base ICT use: What does it look like?
– ICT and iPads in Maths and Science: Really!?! What does it look like?

Examples of Successful use of ICT:
– Simple Movies: Science Lab Rules Fun activity, English, Science, Economics, French FELP project.
– Learning Management System Use: Canvas in our case
– Our Challenge Based Learning Project with all of Year 7 (including ICT focus sessions)
– How does this fit in with learning?

SOME Great Tools to use for Learning on iPads:
– Desmos calculator: amazing power!
– Notability: a post with an overview and tutorial
– Explain Everything: a post with an overview and tutorial
– Creating Tutorial: using iPads or computers

Hands on session:
This is the fun bit. We will actually move into exploring tools and creating content initially using Notability and Explain Everything.

Question and Answer:



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