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Create “Flipped Learning” videos

It is important to realise that as an educator, you already use “flipped learning”, and have done so for years. Anytime we ask our students to do some work outside of the classroom prior to our lesson, you have just “flipped it”.

It is certainly a concept to explore for further learning. Essentially being able to spend more time working through problems in class as opposed to being stuck at home without help. This concept often relies on a good set of resources that can be set as home activities to work towards an understanding of a concept before coming to class. Being able to easily create your own content certainly is an added advantage as a teacher as the content can be tailored as you like and made more relevant to your students.

Easily Creating Screencasts:

Being able to easily create screen recordings is highly useful as a teacher or student. We will look at a few tips and then tools for creating content.
FIRSTLY here are a few tips for any created content:
– keep it concise (short if you can!)
– have a well thought out script
– have your resources ready to roll

On an iPad: (or Android tablet)

There have been apps that record everything on your iPad screen but they are short lived on the iTunes store! So you can replicate this in a way that is in fact actually better as you can edit it easier. There are a number of apps like educreations that record your interactions and upload your recording to their servers so you can view or embed it.

This is very useful, but  often it is usually more useful when you can have the video yourself and edit it or upload it as you like! The Explain Everything app (iTunes and Google Play) does exactly this and a whole lot more! It is truly amazing and can often be the most powerful and versatile of any option. If you make a mistake on little part then just fix that bit.

Here is a post on our ICT blog that really gets into the nitty gritty of Explain Everything.

A Combo of Apps: Now to really get it going! If you use a combination like that of Notability and Explain Everything  you can get a pretty special experience!  Here are some resources we created that may help get it all going!
Our Notability Review and Tutorial
Our Explain Everything review and Tutorial
Using the apps together to make SUPER tutorials easily and quickly Shorter version coming soon!

Screencasts on a Computer:

There are a heap of tools for recording all, or part of your screen. There are great paid options like Screencast-o-matic and Camtasia, as well as a myriad of free options (or free versions) like Jing or Snagit.
NOTE: Further posts will highlight how to do this along with tips, techniques and pitfalls!

Some tips for now though!:
If you are recording part of your screen: then make sure you select a 16:9 ratio so that you can upload it correctly if need be. having a graphic that is already in this ratio and aligning your content in the same window is a good method for doing this.
If you record your whole screen: make sure you are comfortable with everything that will be seen!  Also be aware of your end user and what they can see. changing your resolution to the lowest resolution before recording is a good method to ensure end users can see all the content.

Sharing your videos:

So you have created your video but now you need to share it! The obvious is to upload to a provider like Youtube or Vimeo but you can also save it to a Google Drive folder or Dropbox and set it so that it can be seen publicly (if you want). Uploading to Google Drive also allows embedding (nice!)

Credits, Comments, corrections, additions!?

Written collaboratively by Gary Maxwell and Rolfe Kolbe Newington College (with updates to come!)

Hopefully we have helped somewhat! If you have better options then please comment below and share and we will amend the post with acknowledgement to you. Revisit again to hopefully see some updates!


Being able to work with Spreadsheets is an important skill for today.

Today you would be crazy to do any sort of accounting and financial management or data analysis without spreadsheets!

Knowing how to get the spreadsheet to complete multiple calculations powerfully, being able to change input and have the roll on effect etc etc!

“Spreadsheets!” not just “excel”: spreadsheets take many different forms today. The activity in this post is actually a Google Spreadsheet which works the same as Excel but in the browser. They can also be collaborative and also saved as excel when you want!

A spreadsheet activity for all:

This activity for making a start on spreadsheets but also building a good skill set to really getting going with spreadsheets. The same spreadsheet can be used for the very first steps right through to those that are strong at spreadsheeting. The activity has built and refined over many years and has built in extension tasks for those that move faster.

What is covered?

In the activity you will be investigating and hopefully demonstrating an understanding of:

  • how to get spreadsheets to do the medial collecting, counting and calculating work
  • the components of a spreadsheet
  • patterns in spreadsheets
  • creating functions in Spreadsheets
  • filling patterns and functions into other cells
  • “absolute” and “relative” referencing of cells (Yep! Google it!)
  • Statistical functions for Quantitative data (remember which one quantitative was!)
  • frequency distribution tables in a more powerful way
  • further functions like standard deviation (extension)
  • categorical data and the limited statistics available

Future tasks will This task will be required knowledge for the next stage which is creating effective surveys/questionnaires, collecting data via online forms then graphing and reflecting on your results.

The Activity:

As a Google Spreadsheet:
Click on the link make sure you are logged into your Google account. Go to the “File” Menu and “make a copy”

For those without Google Accounts:
Click on the link Go to “File” Menu and  select “download as” and choose “Microsoft excel”

NOTE: spreadsheets and iPads are still not a good combination. Hopefully this will change soon! Stay Tuned!