Elevator Speech

The boys spent some time this afternoon sharing with each other their elevator speeches that they will use to “hook” their listeners during the PYP Exhibition.

After sharing the speeches and then reflecting on their own, the boys have some ideas on how they can make improvements to the ones they have done.

Share in the comments section one of the things you think you could do to make your elevator speech even better than it already isimg_3952 img_3953 img_3954 img_3955 img_3956 img_3957 img_3958 img_3959 img_3960 img_3962 img_3963 img_3964 img_3965 img_3966 img_3967 img_3968

Finding Out

The boys have been doing an extraordinary job working through the inquiry cycle during the PYP Exhibition.

Last week they inquired specifically into “Finding Out”. The boys worked worked collaboratively to write an information report on Finding Out before presenting their work on a poster that shows the process they went through to complete the finished product.

Boys-take the time to write a BLOG post about your learning experiences whilst finding out.

Parents-take the time to ask your boy about the process they went through to complete all of the learning involved whilst finding out.

All learning completed so far can be located in Google Docs. Just ask your boy to show you where!


img_3872 img_3874 img_3877 img_3879 img_3895 img_3896 img_3897 img_3898 img_3899 img_3901 img_3902

Makey Make

Have a look at the photos below of the boys doing music today. Take the time to have a discussion with your boy about the learning that was taking place.

Their session involved laptops, wires, plasticine, a music program and a creative mindset.

Happy inquiring!

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Book Week Parade

An exciting morning this morning as they boys participated in the Book Week Parade. The wet weather did not deter the boys and they proudly walked around and shared who they were dressed as.

The theme for this year was Australia, Story Country. We had costumes ranging from Captain Cook to Ned Kelly and a Rainbow Serpent.

It was a great morning and a nice break from the exhibition learning that is currently taking place.IMG_3783

Red Cross

This morning we had Gary Bristow (Jack’s dad) speak to the boys in Year 5 and 6 about the Red Cross and the role he plays there as the Head of Marketing.

Gary spoke about what the Red Cross does and why they do what they do. He also spoke about how much money the Red Cross raises each year in Australia. He shared what proportion of money is raised that goes out into the field and what is absorbed in administration costs and why.

Take the time to ask your boy about their thoughts on the talk.Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.11.16 AM


Second Step

On Thursday the Year 6 boys completed a Second Step session where they broke into small groups and taught the boys in the other classrooms around the school.

We do this 2 or 3 times a term and it is an excellent way for the boys to share their knowledge with the younger students.

As a teacher, it is great to see the boys using some of the learning strategies we do with them with the boys.

We look forward to the next Second Step installment later in the term.

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Using technology when completing weekly word studies

Each week the boys complete a series of word study activities where the use their iPads to sort, generate and develop a word bank of words related to a particular blend or theme.

The boys use their iPads to store their learning and at the end of each week they complete a peer test with a class mate before sharing their learning with their teachers.

Ask your boy to show you the learning they are completing that can be found in the Year 6 Google Doc folderIMG_3453 IMG_3454 IMG_3455 IMG_3456 IMG_3457 IMG_3458 IMG_3459 IMG_3460 IMG_3461 IMG_3462 IMG_3463