How does heat move?

This is just one of the questions we have formulated and investigated within our UOI this week. Other questions we experimented with included: How does liquid move? Why does hot air rise? and Do liquid molecules move at different speeds in different temperatures?

From each question we made predictions and formed our own hypotheses. We then gathered our materials and wrote up a method for how we were to test our hypotheses. We have been working on using all our senses to make specific and accurate observations. We then combined these observations with further research to explain the science behind each experiment.

We are having a lot of fun inquiring into our own questions and developing experiments to understand our line of inquiry: the transfer of heat.








Today we were honored to welcome a range of guests to our school for LOTE Day. We were able to meet teachers and students and watch some incredible performances from MaoLin Elementary School, P’uma Elementary School and another group of students sharing with us a Taiya Tribe Performance and Aboriginal dance.

After the morning performances we are able to rotate through a variety of cultural experiences. Some of these activities included Sugar painting, Glove puppets, Face painting, Taiwanese aboriginal singing and dancing and Dough Figurines.

Max T and Ryan were our translators for the day which allowed us to ask many questions which provided us with great insight into their traditions and cultures. We loved using our mandarin to communicate with our guests.

Thank you Mrs Angel for organising such a memorable day!

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Hot and Cold Workshop and Liquid Nitorgen Show

Today Years 3 and 4 participated in an incursion that served as a provocation for our new Unit of Inquiry. Two scientists from Fizzics Education met us in the hall to give us an experience we won’t forget anytime soon.

In our first workshop we learnt about the change of state between solids, liquids and gases. We discovered what happens to air pressure when the temperature is increased or decreased. The morning was very hands-on as we experimented with memory wire, hand boilers, smoking balls, thermochromic paper and much more.

The fun didn’t stop after recess as we then got to watch a  liquid nitrogen show. We discovered what happens when -198 degree liquid nitrogen  boils as it comes in contact with air temperature. We observed the effects it has on balloons, tennis balls and plants. The day finished with some very cold liquid nitrogen made ice cream.

It was a very exciting and engaging provocation

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2016 Book Week – “Australiana”

Today the boys from K-6 walked into school dressed in their best book week costumes. We had Australian authors and favourite Australian characters.

Here are some reflections on the day:

Book week parade is so very spectacular with all the marvellous costumes. Book week encourages kids of all ages to read the wonders that lie in the exceptional world of literature. I was a man called Woodley from the amazing book called THE WIZARD OF RONDO. Everyone was a completely different character from a different superb book. Books are the things that enlighten our kind, giving us more knowledge and imagination. Book week was truly magical seeing all the costumes and people reading.


Today there were many costumes like Waltzing Matilda, Anzacs, Tashi, Storm Boy, Pig The Pug, Mr Wolf, Captain Cook & animal costumes. The costumes were meant to be based on Australian books, authors & Australian story. The parade was in the hall & everyone walked around to Aussie music in the background.


Book week was a really fun day. Everyone really tried to make their costume look like the character they were acting. The parade was amazing, they really got into character and showed who they were. I was the man from the book ” The Arrival “. Even the teachers dressed up. I also saw that some people worked together to be two different characters from the same book.


IMG_4883 IMG_4884 IMG_4886 IMG_4887 IMG_4888 IMG_4889 IMG_4890 IMG_4891 IMG_4892 IMG_4893 IMG_4894 IMG_4895 IMG_4897

Science Day – Robots, Droids and Drones

Today our whole school celebrated National Science Week and the theme this year was “Robots, Droids and Drones”. Year 4 investigated robots.

We began the day arguing whether robots should replace teachers. After quite an interesting discussion we watched an educational clip about ‘Robots of the Future’. We were so impressed and excited about what the future holds for us in our lifetime.

We then participated in a small group inquiry, reading and watching clips Mr Pollard provided for us and brainstormed ways robots help make life easier.

We realised that the human hand plays a vital role in our everyday lives and the future of robotics is developing technology to replicate our hands. We decided to have a go ourselves. Using straws as fingers, cutting wedges to create joints and using string as our tendons we were able to create a hand the could potentially pick up a tissue or ping pong ball.

Our designs didn’t always go to plan, be we reimagined and redesigned to come up with our version of a robot hand.

It was a fun and engaging day!

IMG_4766 IMG_4768 IMG_4769 IMG_4772 IMG_4777 IMG_4781 IMG_4785 IMG_4787 IMG_4789 IMG_4791 IMG_4796

The Stock Market with Mr McLeod

Today we were extremely lucky to have Max’s Dad, Mr McLeod come in to talk to us about the stock market.

We have currently been reading “Too Small to Fail” by Morris Gleitzman. Oliver, the  main character, has investment bankers for parents and gets himself into a situation where he needs to make money, fast. He decides to sell ‘Shares’ in himself.  Now Pollard is pretty good with numbers, eg the number of calories in a cherry ripe bar for instance, however he wasn’t too confident answering our questions about the stock market. Max came to the rescue and invited his Dad in to come and share his job with us.

We loved it!!! Mr Mcleod told us what a share was, what the stock market is and what it used to be. Our favourite part was when he showed us graphs of how Google, Facebook and Pokemon Go has impacted shares and the stock market. We asked lots of questions throughout Mr Mcleod’s presentation and we now have a great understanding of shares and the stock market. If only our main character had Mr Mcleod to listen to.

Thanks again Mr Mcleod!




Diving into Decimals

In Maths we have recently been learning about decimals and identifying where they are used in our everyday lives. To help us interpret and recognise the value of digits in a decimal we have been using place value discs. They help us to visually break about decimals into place values. This makes it a lot easier to compare and order them. We have been applying these skills when measuring lengths, capacities and weight.

Next week we will be interpreting results of Olympic field events such as the hammer throw, high jump, javelin and long jump.FullSizeRender 42 FullSizeRender 43 IMG_4725 IMG_4726 IMG_4727

Visualising the Central Idea

Today we discovered our Central Idea for the unit: ‘Buildings and open spaces depend on the social and environmental needs of its user’. We have been learning about the ‘Visualisation’ strategy when comprehending texts and so we decided to unpack our central idea ‘visually’. We began by identifying the keywords within our Central Idea. As a class we brainstormed what these words meant and then we broke into groups based on these keywords. Each group used magazine clippings to find images that represented each component of our central idea.

This was a creative and effective way to help us understand what we will be learning about in this upcoming Unit of Inquiry.

IMG_4486 IMG_4487 IMG_4488 IMG_4489 IMG_4491

Solving Problems with Design

Today we walked into a class with what seemed to be a simple task: Design a place for a young man to rest. We worked in groups to use only paper and tape to meet this user’s needs. Many of us got to work, creating a ‘house’ with a bed and some extra luxuries to help him rest. We were pretty happy with our design until Mr Pollard “forgot to mention” that this user was an architect who also needed space to work. We then had to modify, rethink and then redesign our building. Some of us added a desk, bookshelves and even windows for natural light. It was then, when we thought we had solved the problem, Mr Pollard threw another spanner in the works: He works with 20 other people. Our frustration levels rose quite a lot but we solved this problem by adding extra rooms, another storey, larger desks etc. Though Mr Pollard wasn’t finished, as he then told us that one worker was in a wheelchair and that they wanted to rely on natural lighting and use limited electricity. After a lot of remodelling and  designing we finally achieved a final product that met these users’ needs. Mr Pollard was happy and we were happy (finally).

We learnt that it is important to identify the needs of a user first before designing and constructing a building. It was an awesome learning experience and a great provocation for our new Unit of Inquiry.

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Budding Poets

The boys have been learning about sonnet poetry over the past week and have been applying these skills in our English inquiry time. Sonnet poetry is a lyric poem which has rhythmic and rhyme pattern that develops around a central theme.

Students initially developed poems where the last word of each line rhymed where the pattern worked on multiples so lines 1/2 rhymed, lines 3/4 rhymed, lines 5/6 rhymed and so on. After students had mastered this type of sonnet poem they continued to apply these skills to poems where lines 1/3 rhyme, lines 2/4 rhyme, lines 5/7 rhyme etc, developing this poem around our central theme of sport.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.22.04 pm

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.21.35 pm

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.21.22 pm Teddy Bear by Freddie