Human Migration Story

Today the boys thinking was provoked by hearing a story of a family who migrated here from Vietnam on a boat. The boat was so small and 30 of the boys experienced what this may be like by sitting on a mat roughly the same size. It made them think about having no toilet, no food, laying on top of one and other for 4 days barely making a sound….

The story was so engaging for the boys to hear and it started them asking questions and wondering about refugees and how we have all come to live in this country. A great provocation into our unit of work on Human Migration.

A huge thank you to Sandy and Viet for sharing their stories.

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Working Collaboratively

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The boys have been working collaboratively to inquire into a human activity and how it impacts on the Earth. They have worked individually to find out “What the activity is?” “How it is impacting the Earth?” and “How we can create balance to reverse the damage we are causing?” They were then required to share their learning with their group to expand on their knowledge. Together they are creating a drama performance to persuade humans to take ACTION to help our world!!!

The Earth has finite resources

The boys participated in activity called “Circle of Pong Challenge”. They were given limited resources to try and get a ping pong ball inside a cup in the middle of a circle in which they were not allowed to enter. They had to imagine it was a volcano.

This was a collaborative challenge where the boys had to work together to find a solution.

They realised that when we have limited resources we need to be careful how we use them, sharing, recycling and being creative.

They related this to the Earths finite resources and how we also need to do the same.

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Experiments – Natural Processes

Today we completed 3 experiments involving weathering, erosion and deposition.

“I learnt that weathering breaks apart the Earth’s surface, erosion takes away or moves away sediments of the Earth and deposition carries the sediments to a new place to create more land. ” Will E

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Odd and even numbers






The boys were given the question “how can we work out if a number is odd or even?” They worked collaboratively to explore this question and can up with a variety of ways to work it out. Some of the boys used counters and tried to split the numbers into groups, some boys divided the number by 2. They can to the conclusion that numbers that ended in 1,3,5,7,9 were odd and thos ending in 2,4,6,8 were even.

All boys were required to do give an exit pass at the end of the lesson by categorising 2 numbers on the smart board. This was used to inform my next teaching steps.