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Stage 3 Visit by Margaret Salem re Rwanda 001 Stage 3 Visit by Margaret Salem re Rwanda 010Today, we were fortunate enough to have a visit from Margaret Salem who has visited our school for many years in relation to our connection with Rwanda. Mrs Salem instigated a pen pal program between the Years 5 and 6 boys (during French) many years ago which has continued and grown.

The Year 6 boys over the last 6 years have chosen to support Rwanda using the funds they raise at the Year 6 Fair and as a result the pen pal community in Rwanda has been able to resource their school, build a classroom and health facilities.

Stage 3 Visit by Margaret Salem re Rwanda 007

Mrs Salem is very passionate about this cause and spoke to the boys about what led to take the extensive ACTION that she has. She also sang several songs for us as she showed us a variety of images from the communities in Rwanda.

What an experience!

Year 6 Fair Thank You!

The Year 6 Fair on Friday was a huge success with the boys at Lindfield raising $2036.70 (at this stage) for either Tupou College or the boy’s penpal school in Rwanda (they are yet to decide). This was a great effort for a truly worthwhile cause, the significance of which the boys appreciate and understand (as best they can).

Year 6 Fair Class Photo copyThe leadership and enthusiasm that the boys demonstrated in preparing and delivering their stalls to the school community was impressive. There were many happy and excited faces around the school on Friday and ‘this is the best Fair ever’ was often heard across the grades. The Year 6 boys delivered beyond expectation, of which they can be very proud.

On behalf the boys and myself, I’d like to thank all the parents who helped in the lead up to the Fair, as there was a huge amount of behind the scenes support (designing stalls, shopping, sharing ideas, sourcing equipment, dropping off equipment, filling up water bombs, creating decorations, baking cupcakes etc), and on the day itself (helping with the BBQ and the many stalls). It is clear that the Fair would have not been the same without your support and encouragement, on so many levels. We also appreciate the commitment that was made is providing your time and equipment.

Once again a very big thank you to all the Year 6 parents for your support of the Year 6 Fair.