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At the start of the year we began to write and publish our personal reflective blog that related to our school based learning experience.

It is an excellent writing task that has allowed us to continue to develop our writing and reflective skills in an authentic and very relevant way as the content is real!

As we prepare for our Exhibition we have started to consider how these blogs could add to the learning ‘process’ that we are undertaking and how they could demonstrate or understanding and use of the five essential elements of the PYP.

You can access our blogs by clicking on the links on the Student’s Blogs page on this blog. We think that blogs will be a great way to share our learning journey with anyone who is interested and to document the process of our inquiries.

We know that we need to be careful when using blogs to ensure that we keep ourselves and others around us safe so we’ve explored some of the things that we’ll need to consider.

Starting our Journey…

We have started to think about our Exhibition unit of inquiry, which will be the culminating student experience of the Primary Years Program (PYP).

We have started by talking about what the Exhibition involves and why it is an exciting and important part of Year 6.

The Exhibition will be our opportunity to showcase the knowledge, skills, attitudes and growth as learners that we have built up over our time at Lindfield and we’re looking forward to celebrating!


Blogging – What is it? and what’s it all about?

The boys started to setup their own personal blogs today, considering what they are and how they should be used (and shouldn’t be used!) to share their learning and experiences with others.

This is an exciting opportunity for boys to reflect, in an authentic way, on their learning and continue to develop and refine all aspects of their written and expressive skills.

Links to students blogs will be available through this class blog very soon!

Exhibition Reflection

IMG_9212After a big night of highs, it was time to reflect on the success of our first PYP Exhibition…

We reflected as a group and then invited next year’s Year 6 to listen to some of our advice, ask as many questions as they wanted and provide us with their feedback.


This is what some of the Year 6 boys had to say:

IMG_9242“When travelling around I know see problems and think about solutions”

“I am a lot more confident when presenting to others”

“I’ve grown in my research skills”

“I was able to answer everyone’s questions”

“I’m relieved that my exhibition was such a success”

“I happy that it went so well”

“I’m sad that it’s over but I have good memories”

“I learnt to deal with conflict in my group”

“I feel that visitors left my exhibition with something [sense of action]”

“I presented a lot better than I thought I would”

“There was so much positive feedback”

“All the hard work paid off!”

“Everyone was interested in knowing more about my inquiry and asked great questions”

Exhibition Night

IMG_9246[1]The scene had been set and the practice complete, it was time for action! and on the night the boys did an amazing job of sharing their passion and enthusiasm with their audience of staff, parents, students and visitors… the ‘buzz’ continued as the boys were so impressive at articulating the process of their inquiry and the knowledge they acquired whilst demonstrating a strong growth in their transdisciplinary skills and ability to reflect on what worked well and what could have been better!

The Exhibition unit of inquiry has been an excellent opportunity for the boys to demonstrate their ability and… WOW!!! they did just that!

Congratulations boys on your deserved success!