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Factors in Maths

As we began our inquiry into Fractions, we learnt about factors and factors trees which led us to a question on factor trees and how we could show all the factors on the one tree.

As we inquired into this, we watched this video by the Khan Academy on factors and explored some other resources. We soon discovered that larger numbers can have several factor trees and are not limited to one containing ALL the factors.

We also learnt a lot more about prime and composite numbers and took our learning further to discover the rules (tricks) for determining whether a large number is divisible by three or four.

If you’re interested have a look at this video;

Share Market Game

As we inquire into how we organise ourselves, in Maths we have started to look at money and how the financial system in our world operates, including why the Australian dollar changes value. To do this we watched a few online BTN articles that explained the share market and the Australian dollar, we shared our ideas and looked at the Australian Stock Exchange.

This prompted some interesting discussion on whether it is good for us when the dollar increases in value, why people chose to list their companies on the stock exchange, and how we can make ‘lots of money’…

To help us expand our knowledge and skills around these topics we are playing a class share market game where everyone is given $50 000 (on paper only!) to invest in up to 5 companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. We’ll be checking in our our ‘Portfolio’ regularly and using collaborative spread sheets and formulas to track our profit and loss!

There’s a lot involved in this rich numeracy (and literacy) task!

Who will take the PROFIT crown?

Prime Numbers

Today the ‘Prime Number Club’ joined me for another session of proving and disproving prime numbers. (I know, it sounds really nerdy, but the boys involved are loving the challenge!) Today’s session was particularly special given the fact that this afternoon an amazing prime number event occurred when it ticked over to 2:03:05pm on the 07/11/13. For the less prime-focused amongst us, that is the first 7 prime numbers consecutively represented in the time and date. Amazing!


Year 6 Fair

It’s with great excitement that we’re almost ready to deliver our annual Year 6 Fair to the rest of the school! Activities have been planned, posters designed and put up and today we put our Maths into practice as we counted, tallied and recorded the money that has been collected so far.

We had to work out how many sausages and drinks were needed and how much money had been collected and to do this we collaborated on a Google Docs Spreadsheet with a new sheet for each class. We also created a final sheet that made use of various formulas to work out the combined totals.

It was certainly a lot of fun putting our Maths knowledge into practice and handling soooo much money!