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Purple Day

On Friday the 28 of March, Newington College Lindfield had a mufti day but not an ordinary mufti day. All years including the teachers had to wear purple, or blue and red because blue and red makes purple. A gold coin donation was required and five dollars for a cupcake. The day was about raising money for research on epilepsy. All but a few boys wore blue red and purple which was really good to see.

Special thanks to parents and teachers for organising this great day.

Purple Day

Today it is Purple Day. Purple day is a fundraiser for epilepsy where we dress up in purple to raise awareness for Epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a illness that causes seizures. Some of the seizures look like this: eyes blinking several times, just staring into space or passing out. We also learnt that some seizures go for a few seconds or for a while. We also learnt that if a seizure goes for more than five minutes you should call an ambulance. We also got delicious cupcakes.

Overall we learnt heaps about Epilepsy on Purple Day.