Finding Out

Over the last couple of weeks we developed our Central Idea, worked out our Groups and Lines of Inquiry, designed our Essential Questions. Now we’ve been assigned our Mentors and Supervisors and we’re right into the Finding Out phase of our inquiries.

During this phase it’s important that we make contact with our Mentors and Supervisors as they’ll help us to make sure that we’re on task and on the right track… We’ve also got to talk to them about our plans to find out what we need to and explain to them how we plan on doing so.

This week already, there have been many groups who have written emails and/or made phone calls to primary and secondary sources of information. Some groups have even visited organisations that relate to their inquiries. It has been very exciting and we’re all learning a lot with each experience! The biggest things that we’ve learnt so far is the importance of being prepared (questions and information) and the huge value that can be gained from talking to an ‘expert’ in their area!

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