Exhibition Night

IMG_9246[1]The scene had been set and the practice complete, it was time for action! and on the night the boys did an amazing job of sharing their passion and enthusiasm with their audience of staff, parents, students and visitors… the ‘buzz’ continued as the boys were so impressive at articulating the process of their inquiry and the knowledge they acquired whilst demonstrating a strong growth in their transdisciplinary skills and ability to reflect on what worked well and what could have been better!

The Exhibition unit of inquiry has been an excellent opportunity for the boys to demonstrate their ability and… WOW!!! they did just that!

Congratulations boys on your deserved success!

One thought on “Exhibition Night”

  1. There was definitely a buzz about the Exhibition. I love the photos boys – plenty of smiling faces that show the positive experience that many of you have endured. Well done to ALL of Year 6 on a terrific effort!

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