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Canberra Inquiry

This week the boys were given the task of researching an aspect of our Canberra Excursion with the goal of preparing a one page information sheet to share back to the class and build our collective knowledge of Canberra before we leave.

We discussed the importance of design when laying out information and the requirements of an informative text, including the techniques used to draw the viewer in.

There was a lot to be learnt and some amazing observations made! We’re all excited about what lies ahead as we begin our journey to Canberra.

PALS (Positive Attitudes and Life Skills) Lesson

Today, the boys did a fantastic job delivering yet another lesson to their buddy classes as a part of the PALS program.

In class, we worked on unpacking the topic of Emotions, which is huge! and then set about finding ways of sharing this content with our buddy classes at an age appropriate level. The boys were keen for the rest of the school to understand the importance of knowing their emotions and how best to use them.

Lessons consisted of brainstorming sessions, picture books, skits, Keynote presentations, Prezi presentations, sharing sessions and many other activities.

With each lesson the boys just get better and better!


Looking on the Bright Side – PALS Lesson

Last week, the boys began revisiting the importance of Looking on the Bright Side as part of our PALS (Positive And Life Skills) program to promote positivity and resilience.

The boys demonstrated an excellent understanding of the concept and were able to share numerous examples of when they have (or should have) looked on the bright side. This led to group work on developing a lesson plan for the lesson that they will deliver to their buddy class next week to introduce the concept. The boys approached the task with great leadership and enthusiasm and we’re all looking forward to see what they deliver next week.

They prepared their lesson plans by collaborating in Google Docs and then discussing their plans with the teacher of the class that they’ll lead and when complete they’ll be discussing their successes and areas in need of improvement and recording their reflections.

National Reconciliation Week

Last week was National Reconciliation Week so the Year 6 boys set themselves the task of finding out about our aboriginal heritage to share with the school at assembly for their Semester 1 Assembly Item.

The National Reconciliation Week theme was to ‘walk the talk‘ which they have been doing!

After some discussion the boys decided to present their item as a news report with groups working on different aspects and then pulling it all together. Each person had a role to play and were involved in the collecting, organising and presenting of their information.

When working in groups the boys demonstrated great leadership skills as they took charge of their idea and drove it to the conclusion that you can see below.

It was a great performance!

National Reconciliation Week

Year 6 Reflections on ANZAC Day

Lindfield Campus

On Monday, the 28th of April we held a special ANZAC Day ceremony as school to commemorate this special event that fell in the holidays. The three school leaders and Mr Morphew ran the ceremony and Mr Morphew shared a story a chaplain who was heavily involved in World War 1, looking after the soldiers. He demonstrated a lot of ‘courage’.

Reuben played the Last Post and the Rouse. The three school leaders placed a wreath at our school flag post. We did this to show our respect for all the people involved in wars in the past and today. The flag was raised to the top and lowered to half-mast until midday.

Lest We Forget



Stanmore Campus

On the 29th of April, I had the opportunity to take the train to Stanmore to represent our school at a special commemorative ANZAC day ceremony. On the day, together with the Wyvern House Captain, I met some special guests. My part in the ceremony was laying a wreath with the Wyvern House captain. During the ceremony there were marches, parades, speeches and, most importantly, the d of a bugle set ashore in the first wave of the Gallipoli raid.





Purple Day

On Friday, week 9 was Purple Day, at recess people pre ordered cupcakes, 1 cupcake was $5 I thought they were delicious.
We were doing Purple Day to raise money for people with epilepsy. We also brought in a gold coin donation. It was a mufti day but we had to were purple or blue and red because purple makes purple and red and blue makes purple. I think that this was a great cause and a great day, everyone enjoyed wearing mufti and eating cupcakes.

Young Leaders Day 2014

Young Leaders Day is on Monday the 31st of March. The school leaders get to listen to speeches and do fun activities during this excursion into the city. Ms Rusten will be taking the boys to the city and their use of transport will be a taxi. They will leave from school at 8:00am and be back at school by 3:30pm. The leaders will learn a lot from this and it will be great to see what they bring back to share with the rest of the class.

Purple Day

On Friday the 28 of March, Newington College Lindfield had a mufti day but not an ordinary mufti day. All years including the teachers had to wear purple, or blue and red because blue and red makes purple. A gold coin donation was required and five dollars for a cupcake. The day was about raising money for research on epilepsy. All but a few boys wore blue red and purple which was really good to see.

Special thanks to parents and teachers for organising this great day.