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Blog Posts from 6C

Celebrating Success

As it is the end of term, it is time to reflect on the fantastic ‘success’ that the boys and staff at Lindfield have experienced.

To do this, we shared our successes with each other and then watched a oral retelling of a picture book called ‘how full is your bucket?” and we considered the importance of not only celebrating our successes but those of our friends or others as well, not matter how small they may appear, as the power of doing so is so valuable…

Have a look and see what you think…

Canberra Inquiry

This week the boys were given the task of researching an aspect of our Canberra Excursion with the goal of preparing a one page information sheet to share back to the class and build our collective knowledge of Canberra before we leave.

We discussed the importance of design when laying out information and the requirements of an informative text, including the techniques used to draw the viewer in.

There was a lot to be learnt and some amazing observations made! We’re all excited about what lies ahead as we begin our journey to Canberra.