Influence of the Media

As we delve deeper into our unit of inquiry into how we express ourselves and, in particular, the use of media, we are starting to really focus on the way perspectives can be manipulated by the use of media.

Today, we used a thinking routine called claim, support, question that made us think about the truth of the two provocations that were presented.Stop the Boats Poster

As you look at the provocations, think about the role that the media plays in shaping the views of others…

What ’emotions’ are invoked and how is the ‘truth’ represented?

What is it about the use of image that connects you to the content?


With the inaugural Lindfield Public Speaking Competition fast approaching, in literacy lessons the boys have been learning the finer art of debating.

Over the last week, we discussed a variety of topics, participated in fish bowl debates and developed a rubric for the assessment of our debates next week.

Today, we also watched a 5 minute debate between two speakers to consider the importance of defining a topic and rebutting other speakers arguments.

We watched this clip produced by the Guardian newspaper in the UK:


WriteOn Competition

writeon2014As part of our creative writing activities, this week we used this image to complete a See, Think, Wonder routine as a part of our planning for writing component and then started to write a draft narrative, recount, description or exposition based on this image that has been supplied as part of the WriteOn Competition.

Initially the boys were given 25 minutes to write and 5 minutes to edit to give them an idea of the challenges of writing when timed and today the boys continued their pieces of writing with a focus on their use of adjectives and adverbs.

Once complete, we’ll share the pieces of writing with you and the boys will choose whether to submit their piece of writing for the competition.


Communication Through Different Media

As we continue to explore our unit of inquiry into how we express ourselves, today we explored the concept of FUNCTION to identify how the media communicates with it’s audience.

We focused on several forms of communication; advertisements, news, books/magazines and social media and identified that language, music, image, emotion and connection are essential.

Armed with this understanding, we viewed several advertisements to see how many of these features were present and whether there were others that we hadn’t yet shared.

These are some of the advertisements that we watched:


PALS (Positive Attitudes and Life Skills) Lesson

Today, the boys did a fantastic job delivering yet another lesson to their buddy classes as a part of the PALS program.

In class, we worked on unpacking the topic of Emotions, which is huge! and then set about finding ways of sharing this content with our buddy classes at an age appropriate level. The boys were keen for the rest of the school to understand the importance of knowing their emotions and how best to use them.

Lessons consisted of brainstorming sessions, picture books, skits, Keynote presentations, Prezi presentations, sharing sessions and many other activities.

With each lesson the boys just get better and better!


Selling Ice to Eskimos

Ever thought of selling ice to eskimos… Nor have we? However, to start our unit of inquiry into how we express ourselves and the central idea that media can create, alter or manipulate images and perspectives, this is what we asked the boys to do…

In groups the boys developed short skits to sell ice to others… without my guidance (and as a result of their constant exposure to advertising) the boys came up with a variety of interesting advertisements that involved the use of slogans, music, special ‘deals’ and, of course, humour!

Following this, we watched the experts at the Gruen Transfer do the same thing and compared what we say and thought…

Here are two clips prepared by media companies for the Gruen Transfer: