Year 6 Reflections on ANZAC Day

Lindfield Campus

On Monday, the 28th of April we held a special ANZAC Day ceremony as school to commemorate this special event that fell in the holidays. The three school leaders and Mr Morphew ran the ceremony and Mr Morphew shared a story a chaplain who was heavily involved in World War 1, looking after the soldiers. He demonstrated a lot of ‘courage’.

Reuben played the Last Post and the Rouse. The three school leaders placed a wreath at our school flag post. We did this to show our respect for all the people involved in wars in the past and today. The flag was raised to the top and lowered to half-mast until midday.

Lest We Forget



Stanmore Campus

On the 29th of April, I had the opportunity to take the train to Stanmore to represent our school at a special commemorative ANZAC day ceremony. On the day, together with the Wyvern House Captain, I met some special guests. My part in the ceremony was laying a wreath with the Wyvern House captain. During the ceremony there were marches, parades, speeches and, most importantly, the d of a bugle set ashore in the first wave of the Gallipoli raid.





Welcome Back

Term 2 has started with enthusiasm and energy! The boys have returned ready to continue their unit of inquiry into the central idea, Societies are influenced by significant people and events, and have continued a focus on the quality of their classwork and the depth of their contributions.

Keep an eye on our blog as the boys continue to share what’s been happening…

Deciding on a Transdisciplinary Theme

This week, we considered what theme we think would be best to explore for our Exhibition.

We decided that we’d need to choose between Sharing the Planet and How We Organise Ourselves.

To help us work out which one would be best, we brainstormed a variety of real world issues that related to our local area and our interests. What we discovered was that most of the issues related to both themes. So as a group, we explored the themes further and really unpacked them to determine which theme would be best.

Once we explored the themes in great detail we noticed that there was a lot of commonality arising with the How We Organise Ourselves theme so we decided to inquire into this theme.

Purple Day

On Friday, week 9 was Purple Day, at recess people pre ordered cupcakes, 1 cupcake was $5 I thought they were delicious.
We were doing Purple Day to raise money for people with epilepsy. We also brought in a gold coin donation. It was a mufti day but we had to were purple or blue and red because purple makes purple and red and blue makes purple. I think that this was a great cause and a great day, everyone enjoyed wearing mufti and eating cupcakes.