Young Leaders Day 2014

Young Leaders Day is on Monday the 31st of March. The school leaders get to listen to speeches and do fun activities during this excursion into the city. Ms Rusten will be taking the boys to the city and their use of transport will be a taxi. They will leave from school at 8:00am and be back at school by 3:30pm. The leaders will learn a lot from this and it will be great to see what they bring back to share with the rest of the class.

Purple Day

On Friday the 28 of March, Newington College Lindfield had a mufti day but not an ordinary mufti day. All years including the teachers had to wear purple, or blue and red because blue and red makes purple. A gold coin donation was required and five dollars for a cupcake. The day was about raising money for research on epilepsy. All but a few boys wore blue red and purple which was really good to see.

Special thanks to parents and teachers for organising this great day.

Purple Day

Today it is Purple Day. Purple day is a fundraiser for epilepsy where we dress up in purple to raise awareness for Epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a illness that causes seizures. Some of the seizures look like this: eyes blinking several times, just staring into space or passing out. We also learnt that some seizures go for a few seconds or for a while. We also learnt that if a seizure goes for more than five minutes you should call an ambulance. We also got delicious cupcakes.

Overall we learnt heaps about Epilepsy on Purple Day.

Purple day

On Friday the 28 of March we had a Purple Day. We wore purple or dressed in red and blue because they make purple. We pre-ordered purple cupcakes and they were really nice. We also brought in a gold coin donation to raise more money for epilepsy research.

At Chapel, in the morning, Mr Wyatt read us a story about a lion with epilepsy and he kept it a secret but when he told his friends they did not tease him but they asked how they could help.

At the end of the story we learned what happens when you have a seizure and we found that there are lots of types of seizures from big to small. In the end we all had a great time, learned a lot and raised some money for a great cause.

Circle Time

Over the last term, our class have been talking about several things on Thursday afternoons. Sometimes we talk about being positive, things we are happy with, things that we would like to be better or to fix. We like to make our classroom and school a safe environment to share and to talk to each other about our feelings and thoughts.

During the time, we like to sit somewhere in a circle so that we can see and hear each other. It is refreshing to let out the things that are on our heads and that are important to our class and school. Sometimes it is about an issue in the playground or something in class and most of the time it is celebrating the great stuff that we’re all doing.

Hearing people’s perspective is nice because we can make each other more happy and positive.

Open Morning

Yesterday, for the Open Morning Tom, Soma, Ethan N and I greeted the visitors to our school. After a bit of trouble with an umbrella, we went to our posts. Soma and Ethan N went to the top and Tom and I were at the bottom of the hill. We greeted the visitors in the rain and lead them to the Lookout. Despite the rain, is was a great morning for our visitors to see the fantastic learning that is happening around the school!

Starting our Journey…

We have started to think about our Exhibition unit of inquiry, which will be the culminating student experience of the Primary Years Program (PYP).

We have started by talking about what the Exhibition involves and why it is an exciting and important part of Year 6.

The Exhibition will be our opportunity to showcase the knowledge, skills, attitudes and growth as learners that we have built up over our time at Lindfield and we’re looking forward to celebrating!

Larry the Lizard

Larry the Lizard is our new class pet, he is an Australian Dwarf Desert Dragon. We got him when Sean the grounds keeper kindly said he would let us keep him for the year. His enclosure has two heating lights, one smaller one for the daytime and another more powerful light for night time. All the boys like him and it looks like Larry is settling in well.