Factors in Maths

As we began our inquiry into Fractions, we learnt about factors and factors trees which led us to a question on factor trees and how we could show all the factors on the one tree.

As we inquired into this, we watched this video by the Khan Academy on factors and explored some other resources. We soon discovered that larger numbers can have several factor trees and are not limited to one containing ALL the factors.

We also learnt a lot more about prime and composite numbers and took our learning further to discover the rules (tricks) for determining whether a large number is divisible by three or four.

If you’re interested have a look at this video;

PYP Exhibition

Today, the boys were introduced to the PYP Exhibition and the roles and responsibilities of the various people involved (students, teachers, mentors, principal, parents, community). They also considered what each person was passionate about which tied into our start of year activities on passions and who we are!

As a provocation for the importance of ACTION that results from inquiry, the boys watched this music video and considered what was happening and the bigger significance of it… Ask them what they said!

Personal Wellbeing Journal

As a provocation into our unit of inquiry into Who We Are we watched a TED Talk by Shawn Achor on Positive Psychology and its impact on wellbeing.

Personal Well Being Journal

As we watched the talk we discussed the main points being raised by Shawn and compared them to real examples, and there were many!

Following the talk it was time to consider someĀ and we decided that it would be a good idea to give the journal a try so we’ve started our own journal to reflect on the many positives that we experience each day.

It will require a daily commitment on our part but it should be a great experience and it will certainly be interesting to see how our mindset develops over the 21 days!