French Day

Bonjour tout le monde!

La journée française 2013, c’était fantastique! On Tuesday the school enjoyed an exciting and colourful day of French learning at the school’s annual French Day. All the boys dressed in bleu, blanc and rouge and it was fun to see them in French costumes, hats and twirly moustaches too. The school was draped with French flags and decorated with posters, bunting and balloons. There were lots of French activities for the boys to enjoy including: a French film screening of Le ballon rouge, a pétanque competition and French cricket, painting in Art and French songs in music and even some disco dancing.

The students were very excited to eat some French food too. The learned how to make crêpes and had the chance fill their own with yummy fillings of banane, syrop and crème. They ate croissants and pain au chocolat and also had a tasty drink called diabolo menthe. In the afternoon the boys impressed us all at a special assembly which was full of songs and plays that they rehearsed in class and throughout the day.

Overall it was a very successful day that was enjoyed by the boys, staff and parents alike. I’d like to thank everyone involved for all the hard work you put in to make it this year’s French Day so fantastiique! Bon travail!

Exhibition Reflection

IMG_9212After a big night of highs, it was time to reflect on the success of our first PYP Exhibition…

We reflected as a group and then invited next year’s Year 6 to listen to some of our advice, ask as many questions as they wanted and provide us with their feedback.


This is what some of the Year 6 boys had to say:

IMG_9242“When travelling around I know see problems and think about solutions”

“I am a lot more confident when presenting to others”

“I’ve grown in my research skills”

“I was able to answer everyone’s questions”

“I’m relieved that my exhibition was such a success”

“I happy that it went so well”

“I’m sad that it’s over but I have good memories”

“I learnt to deal with conflict in my group”

“I feel that visitors left my exhibition with something [sense of action]”

“I presented a lot better than I thought I would”

“There was so much positive feedback”

“All the hard work paid off!”

“Everyone was interested in knowing more about my inquiry and asked great questions”

Exhibition Night

IMG_9246[1]The scene had been set and the practice complete, it was time for action! and on the night the boys did an amazing job of sharing their passion and enthusiasm with their audience of staff, parents, students and visitors… the ‘buzz’ continued as the boys were so impressive at articulating the process of their inquiry and the knowledge they acquired whilst demonstrating a strong growth in their transdisciplinary skills and ability to reflect on what worked well and what could have been better!

The Exhibition unit of inquiry has been an excellent opportunity for the boys to demonstrate their ability and… WOW!!! they did just that!

Congratulations boys on your deserved success!

Exhibition Preparation

After six weeks of in depth inquiry, it’s time for the boys to share their extensive knowledge, skills and passion with the rest of the school community. The excitement levels are high as the boys design, modify and setup their exhibition spaces.

With the whole school available to us, our exhibition space is large with groups in classrooms, hallways, outdoors and in our library.

After setting up the boys had the opportunity for an Exhibition practice as the rest of the school (K-5) visited their exhibitions throughout the afternoon, adding to the hype and excitement. It was refreshing to see the younger boys so engaged and interested in what was being presented with many amazing questions asked and a real sense of awe at what they were seeing…

The boys are now ready!IMG_9073[1]

Excitement’s Building!

The boys are busy getting their presentations ready. As they do so, they are constantly reflecting on their Exhibition rubric to ensure that they are meeting their goals to reach the ‘summit’.

There’s a lot of independent, collaborative and group work as the boys assist each other within and between groups. It’s great to see lots of idea and resource sharing!

As today was Math’s Day we used one of our sessions to reflect on the amount of Maths that has been involved in our inquiries. We looked at the information portrayed in a variety of graphs and considered the information that other present in ‘infographics’ and how we could do a similar thing with the data that we have found or collected!

Presentation Checklist

Year 6 Exhibition Presentation Checklist-1Today, the boys considered each aspect of their presentation and completed a checklist to make sure that they were on track to achieve their goals. The boys used their Music and Art time to start creating artworks and to further develop some of the existing components of their presentation with the guidance of both Mrs South and Miss Chapman.

There was a lot of creativity and cooperation as the boys shared ideas within and between groups… the ideas continue to flow and develop with each day.

The boys continue to demonstrate their reflective nature as they consider and reconsider aspects of their presentations and the importance of their chosen topic.

Music Workshop

Mrs South joined us to consider some musical aspects of our Exhibition, highlighting the role that song and music can play in persuading an audience. As a group we considered a well-known song and altered the lyrics to match our topics and our action goal. Everyone demonstrated the attitude of commitment as they worked with a variety of words (especially synonyms) to keep the same number of syllables in each line. It certainly wasn’t an easy task but the end result is now relevant and meaningful to our purpose.

It will be interesting to see what others think of our musical piece!

Inquiry Leading to Action – Homelessness Sleepout

On their return from the holiday break, Jack and Liam were passionate to experience (as best they can) some of the conditions of the homeless in order to further explore the attitude of empathy in relation to their inquiry. To do this they organised a sleepout at school with the support of their parents, mentor, teachers and class members. They identified a worthy charity (the St Vincent de Paul Society), prepared permission slips and sponsorship forms, collected sponsors, collected boxes, organised soup and bread for dinner and discussed what they were feeling and why throughout the night.

The sleepout numbers were limited due to the nature of the exercise and including Jack and Liam, seven boys participated in the sleepout

The night was a huge success and the boys will add their reflections to their personal blogs and this blog on their return to school next week as will their mentor, Mrs James.

A very big thank you goes to Jack and Liam’s parents for their help in organising and supervising the event and to Mrs James (mentor) for her encouragement, participation and overnight supervision.

Here are a couple of stop motion movies of the setup at the start of the night.