Lindfield Teaching Lindfield K-6 Staff

Photo Day

On Tuesday it was photo day. It was a very busy day where everybody was in and out of the classroom. In the class I was in the most photos as I was in 13 photos and Harry was in 10. If people in Year Three were not in photos at the time they would do handwriting. You had to do 4 pages of it. I only did almost 1 page because I was in too many photos. It was very busy day for me but it was fun.The photos I was in were the class photo, the individual photo, the brothers photo, the old boys photo, the IPSHA Athletics photo, the QUAD athletics photo, the QUAD swimming photo, the basketball photo, the soccer photo, the ICT photo, the Young ICT Explorers photo and the String Ensemble photo.

by Cameron D-W

Inter-house Sport

On Wednesday we played inter-house Capture the Flag and AFL . First we played Capture the Flag and I told the rules. Then Mr Edwards said GO! The game started. It was Kingswood (my house) and Rydal. I got the very first point for Kingswood. It was 1-0 to Kingswood. Kingswood got 7 more points and Rydal got four the end score was 8-4 to Kingswood.

by William L

Inter-house AFL

On Wednesday in Week 8 we had inter-house AFL and a game of Capture The Flag .We did Capture The Flag first. First we started off 1 nil to Kingswood and the points kept on going to Kingswood until Mr C came in to Rydal and then they got 3 points. The end score was 8-3 to Kingswood. Then we went over to AFL.  There was one point that went to Kingswood and then Rydal got 6 points. Then we got two six points and won the game. The end score was 24-13 to Kingswood.

by Daniel M

Photo Day

On Tuesday 2 September it was photo day. In the morning, we had all our house photos, class photos and our individual photos. After recess we first had the music photos such as the school band, chapel band and strings. Then we had our sport photos. The soccer players, the rugby players for Winter sport and cricket and basketball players for summer. I’m in the basketball and the soccer photos. Then after lunch we had Quad, swimming and IPSHA photos. We had a very busy day.

by Justin G


Last Wednesday we had inter-house AFL where Kingswood vs Rydal. The first point was scored by Kingswood. It was only one but we were still winning. But not long after, Rydal scored a six so they were winning by five. Then Kingswood scored a six and another, but then Rydal scored a six. After that Rydal scored their own goal then Kingswood scored another six. The Rydal scored two ones. Kingswood scored another one and a six so the final score was 14-26.

by Will J

Student Led-Conferences

On 2nd September 2014, I brought my Dad to the student led conferences. First,we went to my classroom where we played a Maths and UOI game. When we did the Maths game, you had to get three in a row and in the UOI game, we had to unscramble energy words. We then went to the music room with my iPad because we were supposed to do a iMovie with instruments. It was really fun making the iMovie. We then went to the hall for P.E where we did the standing long jump, the sit and reach test and trolley hockey. I had a really great time with my Dad at the student led conferences.

by Benjamin M


On 3rd of September at twelve o’clock 57 boys went to the inter-house tennis competition at Roseville Park. The boys that went from Year 3 were Ewen, Cameron, Cooper and myself. My first game was 3 love, my way against Ewen. It was about to be 4 love my way but Ewen just hit it. Then I played Jack Bristo that game also was 3 love my way.  There was also some good competition from Cameron and Conner and definitely Harry in Year 2. It came to the end of the games and it was Cooper vs Conner and Conner slipped into the winning position.  Then it was Harry Stuart vs Harry in Year 2.  Little Harry ended up winning and then it was Cameron vs James B (me). I let a few points through at the start then I stood up and nearly won. It came quickly to the grand final when Eddie Timpson in Year 4 went against Oscar Bradly in year 5.  It was a tough match with Oscar ending up winning the game. Kingswood won against Rydal and it was a really great day.

by James B