Working Collaboratively

Year 3 have been working collaboratively to inquire into a chosen neighbouring country. They created questions using a question grid about the culture of the country. They graphed their questions depending on their worth (desire to know) or their ability to generate deeper understanding. Once they decided upon their questions they needed to ensure the questions related to the central idea. The boys the then created a plan to lead them to success. Once they decided upon who would do what during the inquiry they got to work with researching, collecting information, sorting it and displaying it on our class data wall.

Here are some photos of the boys assessing their participation within their group at the half way point. They will use this pie picture to guide them in their roles for the rest of the inquiry. A great reflective process!

pie participation pie participation3 pie picture

Inquiries into Indigenous Celebrations and Commemorations

This week the boys inquired into Indigenous Celebrations and Commemorations. They learnt about what the celebrations/commemorations are, why they are important to the Indigenous people and what this tells us about their beliefs and values. It was interesting see that the boys discovered they had more questions that they want to go further with and find more about.

IMG_0008[3] IMG_0012IMG_0017