Impromptu Persuasive Writing Today



Zap! Crack! Boom! All the trees were crashing down to the ground. It was way to dangerous to put your foot one step outside!

In truth, school should not be open. Certainly school should be closed because the trees in the bush will fall and turn the whole school into a pancake! On my way to school I could hear the trees falling some where around me. Sadly I got saturated.

It is without a doubt that children hate going to school. All the boys I know hate going to school and with a rainy day like this it would give us a reasonable excuse not to go. Every day I go to school I get so tired and bored and I can’t do my work properly. Most of the boys and girls in Sydney don’t like school anyway.

Children that go to school on rainy days loose fitness! Children who go to school on rainy days loose fitness and fast! When I stay inside for more than half a week I forget the rules of rugby! Can’t I even go outside for five minutes? I would love to play in the puddles at home.

It would be ridiculous for boys to go to school!

By William Fisher