Term 2

One of my favourite things was sport and the thing I liked in sport the best was high jump, soccer and our little games. I also liked going to the CSIRO. The best thing there was the extra little energy part. I also liked Maths because I learnt how to do short division. Now I am good at it and I like short division.

Cameron Davey-Webb

Term 2 Reflection

My favourite activity this term was using iMovie on the iPads with Mrs South.

We could make our own videos using photos and videos on camera roll.

You can make words pop up on the photo.You can do the same with videos.

If you take screen shots they can be included too.

Safari is a good thing to make videos with. I like to make iMovie videos like that.

Thank you for reading.

Harrison Miles

Term 2 Week 8

My favourite activity of the term was young ICT because it was a chance to learn and create things on technology, to invent new things to help the community or even the WORLD. It is also a way to have fun and use technology responsibly.

I also like Maths because it challenges your mind. To me it is like a language, a very fun language in deed. It is very spread out as it can be so easy and sometimes very, very hard.

In conclusion I really like maths.

William Johnston