Term 4 Week 7

Christmas Concert 2013

Yesterday, Newington College Lindfield had a Christmas concert and each class performed some amazing performances.

Each class did one country each. Year 3 did Japan and made up some Haiku poems about Christmas.

Some poems were about reindeers and Santa on his sleigh, and some were about sleeping and getting presents.

The Christmas concert was a fabulous event and we all know that everyone enjoyed it.

By Eddie Timpson

Prime Numbers

Today the ‘Prime Number Club’ joined me for another session of proving and disproving prime numbers. (I know, it sounds really nerdy, but the boys involved are loving the challenge!) Today’s session was particularly special given the fact that this afternoon an amazing prime number event occurred when it ticked over to 2:03:05pm on the 07/11/13. For the less prime-focused amongst us, that is the first 7 prime numbers consecutively represented in the time and date. Amazing!


Term 4 Week 5

In Maths today we played a game called Place Value.

We had three, and a few boys had 4 dice. One had twenty sides and it was green, one had 12 sides and it was black and the other one had ten sides and it was white and each colour represented different place values. And some boys even went in to the one thousands .We had some base ten blocks to make the answer. We had to roll the dice one at a time. The ones rolled first then the 10s, and then the 100s. If you were doing the 1000 then you did the same. We were in pairs.

You had to write the numbers down. Then we had to write the answers and sometimes we had to trade. Some boys did two sheets or more. I had an awesome time playing this game and I really want to do it again. Thank you Mrs Russell for teaching us this game.

Written by Jack Middleton and typed by Zac Steinwede