Week 3-The week that was- Written by Cameron Davey-Webb

Week 3 Blog

This week in maths we continued learning about position and direction. Last week we went around the school and found a special spot that we had to write directions to. This week we got to swap directions and tried to find our friend’s special spot. It was lots of fun trying to find their spot.

On Tuesday we made dips for our plant party. I liked the avocado dip best. Then on Tuesday in the evening at six o’clock we had the PYP Exhibition. It was really fun and the group I liked best was Shark finning.

On Friday we learned more about alliteration. First we wrote alliteration sentences about different animals and then we made alliteration poems about ourselves. We had lots of fun making our poems.

Written by Cameron Davey-Webb and edited by Harry Stuart

2 thoughts on “Week 3-The week that was- Written by Cameron Davey-Webb

  1. Boys I loved reading your poems today- a lot of fun!! It sounds like you have all had an extremely busy but exciting week! Keep up the great learning.

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