UoI: buildings in the sand

Over the past few weeks we have been analysing the designs of buildings and deciding which materials and design features make buildings appropriate for their environment.  After analysing the image below, the boys had their own turn at designing and building a house on the sand using a variety of available materials.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 11.22.04 am

The boys designed some amazing buildings, but the biggest surprise was still to come.  Sneaky Miss Rusten poured a little water into each of the sand tubs to simulate the tide coming in on a real beach.  Which buildings do you think survived the high tide test?


A platform on stilts: the creation of Stylianos, James and Ted


A cosy beach hut with a pool: the creation of Hamish, Marcus and Jacob


Design features include rain catchers and a decorative fence: this creation is by Freddie, Will and Nishi


An underground cave: this one is by Gabe, Max and Toby


Plastic bowls as a waterproof roof: This design is brought to you by Rish, Jamie and Connor


A metal house raised off the beach by stilts and a decorative second story: this design is by Alex, Lachlan and Morgan


Sturdy wooden foundations and a decorative fence: this creation is by: Tristan, Harry and Kelvin


While this was a very fun, albeit messy, learning experience their reflection showed me that they learned an enormous amount from this task.  Some boys’ testimonials are below:

Last week we built some houses in the sand. My group was Harry, Kelvin and I. Our house had straws and sticks around the side. Our house looked pretty weird. I had fun.


We were building houses on sand, mini houses. I made it out of wood, plastic and wooden planks. And don’t forget metal, the strongest material of all. My favourite part was building the house.


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