The Week That Was-William Johnston


On Tuesday it was French day. We ate crepes, croissants and chocolate croissants. First we played French cricket on the basketball court. Then we went into the hall and we learned how to make crepes and then we got to eat them.  Next we went to the Lookout and watched a French film. After recess we went to the music room and rehearsed The Three Little Pigs in French. Then we went to the art room and drew a picture of the three little pigs. Finally we went back to our class to rehears our play some more. In the afternoon we presented our play at the assembly.

On Wednesday we had swimming lessons at school then we went to Roseville Collage to play our string instruments. We had a string ensemble with the girls and our parents got to come and watch. It was very fun.

On Thursday it was Halloween. We carved out a pumpkin, took out all the guts and then baked the seeds and ate them. In the afternoon we are going to do something fun and special for Halloween.  I do not know what it is because it is a surprise. It might be a lot of CANDY!!! It could be anything, nobody knows….it is a mystery.

Written by William Johnston and edited by Cooper Stewart

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