Last week Newington Lindfield recognised NAIDOC Week by watching a performance by Cultural Infusion.  NAIDOC week is observed each July in order to recognise and celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Year 2 boys reflected on this excursion and shared their knowledge about Indigenous Australians and their culture.  During this mature discussion, the boys  showed themselves to be open-minded, inquiring and principled young learners.

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Here is what Toby had to say:

Last week an Aboriginal man came to our school and talked about the didgeridoo and what sounds it made. Some sounds were the emu call and kookaburra. He talked to us about some Aboriginal words, a lot of the time we did not know many of the words.


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Stage 1 Excursion to the Ryde Schoolhouse Museum

On Wednesday the 16th of July, years 1 and 2 went on an excursion to the Ryde Schoolhouse Museum to find out about what school was like in the ‘olden days.’ This started the boys thinking about our new unit of inquiry based upon change over time.

Here is what the boys had to say:

Year 1 and 2 went on an excursion to North Ryde Public School. It was like going to school but in old fashion. My favourite part was doing fitness in old times and making toast near the fire. I had fun!

Yesterday I went to the school museum. It took a long time. When I saw the lady I got scared. The lady was very big and very old and very tall. First we did some dancing then learned the drill with the stick. Then the lady hit the drum and marched around the school. We joined up and marched around in a circle. It was fun, then I noticed that the lady was nice. Then I was puffed out so we had recess.

Yesterday we went to the School House Museum and there we met three nice teachers. They took us to a 64 year old room and the lady showed us pennies. Then the lady took us to the may pole where we danced around it. We had to tie it up then untie it. Then we went to drill where we did some exercise but it is very different to our fitness, they just use their arms. Next she took us to her room where we did some writing with the ink pencils called quills. Then we went to the next room where we did some stamping, toasting and investigating, then it was time to go back to school.

The boys seemed to really enjoy the experience and learned lots!

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Week 6- By Daniel Martin

On Monday, we were supposed to have fitness but it was raining so we played in the classroom. It rained all day so we couldn’t play outside for the rest of the day.

On Tuesday, it was still raining but stopped in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, we had PE with Mr Fraietta because Mr Caulfield went to Surf Day, he’s a really good surfer!

On Thursday, we had French and we worked on the computers, it was about colours. Cameron was so good, that he finished the whole thing in 10 minutes.

On Friday, we had chapel at 8:30am in the morning with Mr Bennett. We sang lots of songs and most of us had a good time.

At the end of the day “Monster Trucks” won the table points against Engine Revenge by 1 point.

Written by Daniel Martin and Edited by Justin Gao

Year 6 Fair-Cooper Stewart

Year 6 Fair

On Friday it was the year 6 fair. There were lots of games like the water slide, blind folded tip, catch the alien, sponge throwing, minute to win it and soccer goal shooting. We also got to have our hair sprayed with different colours and gel.  We got lollies for playing the games and we got more if we won the games.

For lunch we had a sausage sizzle and juice.

We had an awesome time and it was so cool looking at the younger kids having fun because that was us when we were in Kindy.

Thank you Year 6.

Created by Cooper and edited by James Blakeman

The Week That Was-William Johnston


On Tuesday it was French day. We ate crepes, croissants and chocolate croissants. First we played French cricket on the basketball court. Then we went into the hall and we learned how to make crepes and then we got to eat them.  Next we went to the Lookout and watched a French film. After recess we went to the music room and rehearsed The Three Little Pigs in French. Then we went to the art room and drew a picture of the three little pigs. Finally we went back to our class to rehears our play some more. In the afternoon we presented our play at the assembly.

On Wednesday we had swimming lessons at school then we went to Roseville Collage to play our string instruments. We had a string ensemble with the girls and our parents got to come and watch. It was very fun.

On Thursday it was Halloween. We carved out a pumpkin, took out all the guts and then baked the seeds and ate them. In the afternoon we are going to do something fun and special for Halloween.  I do not know what it is because it is a surprise. It might be a lot of CANDY!!! It could be anything, nobody knows….it is a mystery.

Written by William Johnston and edited by Cooper Stewart

Week 3-The week that was- Written by Cameron Davey-Webb

Week 3 Blog

This week in maths we continued learning about position and direction. Last week we went around the school and found a special spot that we had to write directions to. This week we got to swap directions and tried to find our friend’s special spot. It was lots of fun trying to find their spot.

On Tuesday we made dips for our plant party. I liked the avocado dip best. Then on Tuesday in the evening at six o’clock we had the PYP Exhibition. It was really fun and the group I liked best was Shark finning.

On Friday we learned more about alliteration. First we wrote alliteration sentences about different animals and then we made alliteration poems about ourselves. We had lots of fun making our poems.

Written by Cameron Davey-Webb and edited by Harry Stuart

Week 1- The week that was- By James Blakeman

Week 1 blog

This week in Maths we were learning about mass. We were finding things in the classroom and seeing how much they weighed using the scales. We were comparing the different weights of the objects and we were also seeing if the size of an object indicated if it would be heavy or light. We found that it doesn’t always matter what the size of the object is. A large box may weigh less than a small box, depending on what is inside the box.

This week we continued writing our information reports about a plant. We got to choose which plant we wanted to write about. Lots of the boys are writing about Venus Flytraps.

On Wednesday we went to the Botanic Gardens with Year 1.

First, we had a look around with our classes.

Then, we met a lady who taught us more about plants. We had a tour around the gardens and she showed us some very unique plants.

After, we got to plant our own sun flower seed.

Finally we had lunch and then went back to school on the bus.

We had a lot of fun at the Botanic Gardens and learned about many different interesting plants.


Created by James Blakeman & edited by William Johnston.